Ladies, any hints or tips to help with a FET in January ?

Ladies, any hints or tips to help with a FET in January ?


I am in my second cycle

Had my egg collection on Wednesday

8 out 6 frozen on day 2 as last time by day 3 they stopped developing so the clinic decided this was a better way along with ohss.

I have 4 optimal, 2 intermediate cool kids waiting til Jan. ( I'm not ready to deal with implanting over Christmas I want to heal and get my emotions in a better place first)

Any supplements, foods, ideas of what I can do to make the transfer more likely to succeed?

Thanks in advance everyone :)

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  • I am looking into this myself. I, too will be doing the same thing. I will let you know what I find out. My first questions will be around progesterone, I think, and do I really need it, etc? I don't want my hormones to be off kilt and then for my body to reject the embryo... also, I want to know about how old the embryo should be for a better chance, etc... but like I say, I need to look into it. Hints and tips most gratefully received! :)

  • Here is some useful information. I will ask about these procedures, and in fact, the 'near' transfer I had (or didn't as the case was)... I was not told at all to have a full bladder... hmmm... apparently this is important. Let's post anything (reliable) that we find here, this may help us make the right decisions... so, here is my first contribution... ... :)

  • I think we need to be in Chicago. I like this man.

  • Yeah me too, let's go xx

  • I'll buy a lottery ticket tomorrow, and if I win, the drugs are on me! ;)

  • Source: Attain Fertility... so much more accesible information in the USA... all a closed book here in the UK, I'm finding.

    Day 5 transfers may be ideal since in natural conception cycles, embryos typically implant on days 5 or 6 after ovulation. According to this theory, day 5 or 6 blastocyst embryo transfers may be preferable due to the ideal uterine environment conditions at this stage. Embryos transferred at the blastocyst stage often have a higher implantation rate (meaning that they are more likely to “stick” and develop into a healthy pregnancy).

    Studies show a slightly higher rate of identical twins with blastocyst transfers. Identical twins put a pregnancy at higher risk for early delivery and other complications. However, elective single blastocyst transfer is shown to reduce the chances of conceiving twins.

    Studies have also shown that patients with a good prognosis may experience higher live birth rates with blastocyst transfer on day 5 or 6. Those with a poor prognosis may be better suited for a day 3 embryo transfer.

  • Hey the full bladder was true last time, not full to bursting but close apparently they can see better.

    I also heard Blut pineapple but am not sure what and when something to do with the CORE?

    With mine I know they arrested on day 3 last time only one made it to blast but could not be frozen and they had a already implanted the other 2. This time they have frozen all day 2 and I don't know when they will I plant, I do know they try defrosting only 2 . A friend of mine e had a frozen one done. They defrosted 2 one died so they asked did she want another defrosting she said yes, she is now pregnant so far they only see one sack. She has to return for another scan on the 18th.

    Nerve racking isnt it xx

  • It's a mad, mad, maddening quandary... all of it. Now, Professor Winston (highly respected by me)... I have been on his website and convinced myself that (at 42) I am doomed. I think I might go for the transfer next week. I need to look more into the 'fresh versus frozen' thing right now this minute. This means that I need to make decisions very quickly and I am completely frightened now... my point being is that if I wait until January I will be even older should I need further IVF treatment. However, a [failed] transfer now would mean that I would (ideally) recover by February for (possible) further egg collection. So far: 8 x (Day 1) embryos in storage... more eggs coming this week. Do I opt for a transfer now, bearing in mind that I cannot have another attempt until February in any case? God. What a situation.

  • I wish your friend all the luck in the world.

  • I'm in Spain and can assure you a lot of the info is there but you have to specifically ask for it and ask to see the people to get the I found otherwise they presume you knowill? ,.!

  • Yep. I agree. Same here. I am getting a bit fed up of these late nights trawling around the virtual world because clinics are too secretive... it's so tiring. And now I am getting to the point of needing to make a decision, I am ill prepared and (therefore) having a mini panic attack right now this minute...

  • Oh honey, I understand you completely it's so so hard

  • Well. I was looking at the differences in fresh and frozen success rates in cattle... conflicting, but one study suggests a much higher success rate. But it doesn't say whether their systems were pumped with 450iu Menopur on a daily basis. So, kept digging, and our man in Chicago popped up again at the top of Google... a lot of information on fresh and frozen here: ... I really am going to Chicago... I just need to rob a bank first tomorrow. Or, more likely, back to the eBay default fundraising programme...

  • Found something ... a decent study from The Oxford University Press on behalf of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology... (re: frozen embryo transfers).

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