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Yuck! Feeling sick and nauseous 5dp3dt. Is Mr Progesterone to blame? :(

Hi girls

Im on 600mg pessary progesterone daily. Felt crampy since starting them a week before FET but now feeling really quite sick. The thought of food is totally turning my stomach.

Is it Mr progesterone's fault? Anyone else feeling poo? ;)

Got to be far too early to be pregnancy as only supposedly implanting ATM.

Any ideas what natural things I can eat to ease it?

Thanks everyone, baby dust to all.

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Hi hun how are you feeling and getting on ? X

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Hey KC

I'm in that lovely panic stage of the 2ww.

Date spotting, cycle comparing etc, all to no avail really ;)

Today is day 7 àfter implantation, and day 28 of my cycle.

Last time I got my period 12 days post implantation and day 29 of my cycle.

Silly that Sunday is my bench mark, can't have hope til then

This cycle I was told the evolution of my embryos was slow and poor, so I have to be realistic.

If it works it'll be a miracle. I do believe and I do have faith but in my gut, I don't think this is my time

Praying and hoping and going up the wall ;)

How are you lovely?


oh bless you - I feel the same. I know they are not good quality so ive already resigned myself to the fact that I have to go again so its just a waiting game xx when do you test? I have another week - not sure how im gonna get through this. the only "symptom" I have is sore boobs but that's probably the progesterone an di am a bit bloated xxxxx

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I totally get you, me too :)

Just glad we have another chance really

Still praying


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