FET in 3 hours ..... Please let my cool kids have survived their first night since yesterday's defrost

FET in 3 hours ..... Please let my cool kids have survived their first night since yesterday's defrost

Well girls, today is the day.

I have to go to hospital at 1130, meet with the embryologist to check how they are doing ( terrified)

Then decide, clearly depending if all 3 are still OK how many to implant as last time by day 3 were only had 4 poor quality ones out if 15 fertilised

I'm terrified to get there and get bad news

Fingers and toes crossed

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  • Thinking of you and hoping you get good news.

  • Thanks hon. I just need today to be OK.

    I have to have faith it will be, but this is so hard at times isn't it

    How are you doing

  • It is hard but you are keeping your positive messages/thoughts strong so big well done to you.

    I'm feeling really ill after starting the contraceptive pill ready for IVF soon. I'm having severe migraines and feel so sick. Wondering whether to call nurse and ask if this is normal and to just put up with it. I've spent practically last two days in a dark room with my eyes closed! Sorry to reply with this message when you have enough to deal with. Ignore me. Hope you have a relaxing (as much as possible under circumstances) morning and that your appt goes well.

  • Oh hon, I didn't have full migraines but stinking headaches. I don't know whether it was the medication or the stress but either way not nice.

    I tried natural ginger from the root, with lemon and orange juice and brown sugar in hot water.

    Ginger is a natural painkiller, tastes yummy too. Don't leave it in the water too long though as it gets really spicy hot. 5 mins is okay.

    The whole Ivf journey is hard, I think we are superstars ( or idiots!)


  • You're a saint and I really appreciate you taking the time to recommend this. I'll give it a go. Thanks and I hope you are taking just as good care for yourself ;-)

  • You're welcome honey, the girls in here are fab xx

  • Sending you ridiculous amounts of luck today Hun and I am keeping everything crossed for you!!!! 😁 Keep your mind calm and imagine positive things - the law of attraction! Lots of love xxx

  • Thanks xjo

    Just having breakfast ATM trying to think positive thoughts :) trying

  • Best of luck for today. Hope get on great xx

  • That made me feel quite emotional as I read it - lovely words!

    Good luck for today x

  • Best of luck for you today will be thinking about you xx

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