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17dp3dt day 38 of cycle otd TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!?


So, here I am the day before otd. Not poas, just hoping and praying against all odds that we might be one of the lucky ones.

Didn't dare dream to get so far with no af. I know the progesterone could be to blame, but hoping against hope it's our miracle.

Now it's tomorrow, im dreading it!

I like my " might be pregnant bubble" and don't want it burst ;)

Hoping and praying girls, hoping and praying, just like everyone here :)

Baby dust bomb to all!!!!!

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Aw hun, that's brill. Good luck. Xx

Excited to hear all about you bfp tomorrow, wishing you a great hcg level!!!, X.

Eeeek!!!!!!! Good luck!!!!!!!!! Xxx


Thanks girls!

Terrified :(

Excited for you.. Hope it's a BFP for you petal xxx

Good luck for tomorrow hun, i'll be thinking of you xxx


Thanks girls,

Dreading tomorrow morning now. I don't want my "I might be pregnant" bubble burst :(

Thinking of you all day today. Hope everything is ok, X

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Bfn :(

I'm absolutely devastated for you, I really am so sorry. You are very good to reply to my message considering how you must be feeling right now. You are a wonderful person, your posts have kept me going and laughing & hopeful. My thoughts & love to you and your husband, X.

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Thanks molly :)

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