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Bad news, now confused :-(

Am so confused and emotional right now. I had my HSG test on 30 December and the consultant there said "all fine". At the follow up three weeks ago we were told that both tubes are blocked (even though I am 99% sure that I saw on the screen that they dye had got all the way round on one side) and that I have low AMH levels, therefore we are ineligible for NHS funding for IVF. The consultant even said that IVF with my eggs just wouldn't work because the hospital would just be replicating what my body would do - ie try to conceive with low quality eggs. There was no mention of following up with a laparoscopy or other tubal investigation. Our consultant recommended we go for counselling and then speak to hospital again about egg donation.

In the weeks that have followed I think it's fair to say we've experienced every single negative emotion under the sun. In the more positive moments we've looked into ED and if this is the only road open, then bring it on. But a few conversations with different people since who have been through the fertility route - and been told the same thing as me - have left me wondering whether we've been fobbed off by the hospital.

Should we be writing my egg reserves off completely and looking at ED at this stage - or should I be kicking off with the hospital/speaking to my GP again and pushing for a laparoscopy version of the HSG?

Any and all advice gratefully received.

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Hi Lollipop15, I am sorry to hear about your experience.

On our journey we had a tough time even with our GP. So we changed GP. We also sought out an independent and also more holistic gynaecologist who was not attached to any clinic so totally independent. We valued his advice as a second opinion throughout our journey.

Biological cells are in one of two states. Growth or protection. They grow and multiply unless their is a threat their environment and they shut down and go in to protection mode until it is safe to grow again. We are the same (makes sense given we are made up of cells!).

All decisions are motivated by one of two things. Growth (love for yourself and others) or protection (fear). Sometimes growth can feel scary, it can involve coming out of your comfort zone. Protection is motivated by fear. Fear of failure, fear of insecurity, fear of what others may think etc.

Growth is out instinct, our intuition, our heart/soul. Protection is our thinking.

It can be difficult to do that when you have people of authority (doctors) telling you X,Y Z. Trust your instinct. It's your body, your life, your soul.

What does your instinct say?


Pressed reply too soon before I could sign off!




I'm sorry to hear that you've had such a difficult time.

My first piece of advice is to think about seeking a second opinion, and for 2 reasons:

1 - you had 2 conflicting pieces of feedback from the same examination, and they aren't even closely similar opinions to each other

2 - egg quality cannot be assessed by AMH alone

You're options for using IVF should not be written off so quickly and certainly not be based on AMH. Unfortunately many outdated clinics still use this as their main measure to assess ovarian reserve, although it's unclear as to how effective a measure it is. However, AMH can be increased and I have seen it many hundreds of times over the last few years.

A low AMH level could indicate a low Vit D level, so I would encourage you to have this checked out and supplement with a liquid form of Vit D if your blood results show it's low. Please don't supplement without checking it first, as your body can't easily remove excess Vit D.

I would look into a second opinion and then if things work out for IVF, transfer your funding to another clinic or hospital that are more supportive.

There's a lot more that you can do to support your fertility naturally and in preparation for IVF and the move to egg donation should be consider once all other options have been ruled out.

I hope this helps a little!

This level of conversation is limited of course as I know very little about your health and journey, but if you have any further questions please let me know :)

If you'd like some tips and guidance on transforming your fertility naturally then download a copy of my FREE guide. To get your copy go to:


Best wishes



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