1st baseline scan went well, starting 450ul stimulating drug tmo, thinking ahead, how much is egg donation???

hi, well first bit done and womb is now thining nicely , found one small fibroid but not a problem apparently, starting on 6 amps of stim drug tmo, but thinking ahead if this doesnt work, can anyone give an idea of how much a donated egg costs?? did say that this was our one and only try but just cant get this out of my head :-/

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  • just read this and thought "nothing like positive thinking eh!!" lol x

  • honey, focus on this round first, and think later about other solutions (but, if you really want to find out, most UK clinics have some information on their websites as to the costs).

  • thanks flowergirl, i know i should think more positively and focus on this round first, just sooooooooo want some good news for a change lol x

  • Hi. Yes, get through this round of treatment first, as you need all your concentration here and now. If you really want to do some homework regarding cost of egg donation, then have a look at the โ€œHuman Fertilisation & Embryology Authorityโ€ website, where you can access all the information you want. hfea.gov.uk Meanwhile, all the best for this cycle. Kind regards Diane

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