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No communications with consultant, his team, GP or PCT even though have been referred to Chelsea n westminster hospital. What do I do ?

I need NHS treatment, can't afford the expensive private care.Single woman, 38.5, donor insemination case, PCT might consider NHS funding, GP referred me to Community gynaecology after basic blood tests, more baseline investigations done at chelsea n westminster but community gynaecology and consultants team refuse to give an appointment with consultant, Mr Taylor! Some say, GP applies for funding, some say Mr Taylor does. I have already been referred by GP, do I need application for funding ?. But none wants to talk, 3 weeks of endless calls, I have no idea what is happening, no appointments. Please help.

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You have to be referred by your GP to a consultant. I am in the same boat currently, awaiting an appointment with the consultant. BUT, I have been referred by my GP directly to the consultant, he wrote a letter to him, and now after them losing my paperwork, they will hopefully be sending out an appointment this week, but I have been chasing for three weeks too. Its really hard to get an appointment. I know you said you can't afford private treatment, but have you considered going abroad? if you want IUI denmark is really cheap. about £460 for IUI and 100-200 for flights and hotel... much more affordable, I think we will end up doing that.


Hi. If you have a look at our website infertilitynetworkuk.com you will be able to access some request/appeal template letters for funding. Fill in whichever is appropriate and send it/them to the PCT that covers your GP’s area. Click on “NHS Funding” and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you will see them there. I wish you well with the outcome. Diane


Thanks Sacha, I did look up the costs abroad. Those figures are headline rates, the tests and drugs add up to more than double those! NHS westminster anyway does not pay for the donor sperm and its storage. So even on NHS, I am expecting a bill of about 1500 for one cycle of IUI ! And, yes who knows if I might have to go abroad for more treatment!

Diane, my worry is more on the time lines. No involved parties want to get 'involved'. News is, I have got baseline investigations done at Chelsea, the community gynaecology team messed my appointment with the consultant and so I would not have my initial consultation till 19th March. Then it takes a month to file an application between the GP and consultant to westminster PCT which in turn takes a month to decide ( 19th May by now) After which consultant gives appointment for treatment. Minimum wait 10 weeks which takes start of treatment to late July. Mid June I turn 39, so after all these tests and follow ups, I would not be able to get the treatment on NHS!

I wish the PCTs involved would be better organised and prioritise the treatments on age of patient ! Wish they would just answer emails and phone calls...


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