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Hi! First post for me. After 5years of trying me and my husband went ahead with fertility treatment. We have now done 5 cycles of chlomid and have been told that our next step is ivf. We have done lots of research but would really appreciate some information from oeople who know what we're going through to help prepare us for this. We really are clueless as to what to expect realistically.

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Me and my husband have been trying for 7 years. We knew early on the there was a problem. It lies with me. I have had the whole range of fertility treatments. I firstly had my tubes unblocked, then a year later they set me on chlomid. After another year and 2 lots if chlonid they doubled my chlomid dose to the max. It still didnt work.

I was then in the unfortunate position to have comfort eated over 3yrs of unsuccessful attemp after atempt so i was discharged.

I lost the weight and this was within 4 months of the discharge was referred back for ivf.

We have just been through our first cycle abd it was abandonned before egg collection as my body wasnt responding to the drugs as it should.

To prepare you is difficult as all women are individual,however the process itself was straight forward enough. The key is to be organised. Write on a calandar or diary which injection and keep positive. The injecting is hard if you have never done it before, i hadnt and found that the first injection day i stood looking diwn at the pen and at my stomach then at myself in the mirror thinking 'i cant do it,it wont go in' but my tip is close yoyr eyes for a second and picture you your husband and baby. That is why your doing it afterall. Then open them ofcourse to inject! :) It may not work and although i suggest being 100% positive it hurts if you have not considered set backs or delays, like ive had. I am told after a failed or abandonned ivf cycle you must wait 2/3 months for yoyr body to recover. I dare say its your spiritial self too that needs time.

I wish you all the luck and my positive thoughts are coming your way. If there are any specific things you want to know about ivf just ask and if i or anyone else can give an answer we will.

Saz :)


Hi! I think Saz has covered mostly what goes on with IVF. As she says, if there are any specific questions you need the answer to, then ask away – someone will know. You might also like to have a look at our newly updated website infertilitynetworkuk.com and read through some factsheets. You will see how we can support you further too. Keeping everything crossed for you when you start your IVF. Diane


I completed my one and only course of IVF last January sorry to say it failed. Although the thought of injecting yourself is very daunting to start with you soon get used to it and will honestly miss the injection when it is replaced by the pessary which is messy and inconvenient although no real problem. I experienced no side affects from the drugs! my one piece of advice would be to limit the amount of people you tell, should your cycle be unsuccessful its like a knife being ripped thought your heart every-time someone asks if the treatment was a success. I allowed myself to be swept away with notion that I would be a lucky one when that was not the case I was totally floored I could not and still cant fully understand why it was not successful I did everything by the book. I am glad I did it however even thought I am still desperate for a baby and cry at least almost daily, I could not go throw it again the disappointment is overwhelming. Clearly I wish you and your husband all the luck in world I found the hole experience to be very lonely as my partner already has children from previous relationships. He was supportive of me he has no real idea of how desperate I am to have children and just feels I should accept we have tried and get on with life.


Thank you


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