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So with my last pregnancy I brought a clear blue home pregnancy test with conception indicator. It said pregnant 1-2. The following week I tested again and it said 2-3. On the day 3 weeks after ovulation I took a third test hoping to see 3 +, it remained at 2-3, I waited another week and tested again, it still said 2-3. This was the sign for me that my pregnancy was not progressing as it should, that and a reduction of symptoms. My hormones were not increasing enough and so the test was not saying 3+. Sure enough at my 6 week scan I was told that the sac was empty. The following week I miscarried. Did anyone else know that the conception indicator could be used in this way? I'm sure it's not an exact science though and the constant testing probably did more harm than good. But I wasn't shocked at the scan, I had had prior warning. I am now 5.3 weeks pregnant ( pregnant straight away after miscarriage bleeding). I got the 1-2, then the 2-3. I'm frightened to death of taking another now as it should say 3+ and if it doesn't I know what it means. Anyone else had experience of this?

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  • I did. It said 2-3 straight off, a week later said 1-2, and then I started to bleed. Maybe a coincidence.

  • 2-3 I'm so upset

  • I was like you mine stayed one 2-3 weeks for about 2 weeks after I got and eventually got 3+ I was testing every other day and that was with twins so it might take you a little longer but I though well I got 1-2 weeks and 2-3 really quick but 3+ took longer but I have to healthy 5 week old twin girls asleep next to me so chin up chick keep postive sending you lots of baby dust and wishing you all the luck in the world:) xxxx

  • Can't believe I'm messaging you this but I'm actually pregnant with twins! So delighted. Wonder is their a connection with incorrect clear blue digital tests and the twin pregnancy hormones? They are identical twins in the same gest sac, were yours or frat twins?

  • I got 3+ this morning, I can't believe it, I thought all hope was gone! Clear blue conception indicators should be banned, they cause so much stress and worry which can't be good for the babies. I'm never buying another ever again! Great to hear your story it really gives me hope, twins though! Argh that would be lovely. My scan is this day week, I'll let u know. Xx

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