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Events at The Bridge Centre: 19th and 23rd January and 6th and 9th February 2013

The Bridge Centre:

Saturday 19th January 6pm and Saturday 9th February 6pm

Wednesday 23rd January 6pm and Wednesday 6th February 6pm

It’s not too late to have a baby in your forties. The Bridge Centre provides IVF fertility treatment with or without donor eggs. Treatments with donor eggs may be here in the UK or overseas. Once a woman reaches 40, her chances of pregnancy decline. There are fewer eggs available in the ovaries, and their quality is reduced - as is the quality of the embryo after fertilisation.

Here at the Bridge Centre, there are a number of ways we can help women over 40 have a successful pregnancy:


IVF with genetic testing

IVF with donor eggs

Booking essential - Call 020 7089 1449 or email bridge@thebridgecentre.co.uk to find out more & to book your place(s).

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