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Unable to conceive can be quite frustrating!

I have been an embryologist for the past 8 years, making babies in the lab. I am from India, though currently I am in the UK. I have intimate knowledge of what patients go through the whole period of their IVF cycle, before, during and after. Repeated negative results can be a lot discouraging. For those patients who cannot conceive after repeated attempts, or cannot conceive due to uterine or other health issues, in my opinion, surrogacy is a very good idea. I mean, why not, for patients who all who deserve a baby but are just unable! Just thought I will put this up as I can be of assistance for patients considering this option. My prayers with all!

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Thanks...I am having my 1st IVF next year. Pray for me....


Hi Anvi, wish you all the luck. I know it is easier said than done, but just try to be cheerful and relaxed. I know it can be dificult with all the hormones they pump into you, but different bodies react differently. It is importantly to stay away from stress of any kind. Hopefully, you will get the good news the first time itself!!! May God be with you!!


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