Using the mooncup to help conceive


I was wondering if anyone ever heard or even tried the mooncup as a help to conceive by introducing the mooncup after intercourse in order to keep the sperm inside for longer. I am so sorry if this question sounds silly and please don't judge me but it would be nice to get some advice on that  matter. I heard some people on youtube saying that it works very well and as me and my husband are trying to conceive for so long it would be nice to get some more info about it. Thank you 

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  • Hi I have read about the benefits of a moon cup but not specifically for what you are using for. Without being graphic I can imagine why you are using this so it can't hurt to try. There are so many million sperm that are ejaculated I read that it is quite normal for some (or at least fluid) to escape back out even if you are lying down for a while. 

    Good luck

  • I have read lovely stories about it working for other couples that decided to try but I am still very new at this and I was kinda hopeing to hear more stories about other people trying it. Thank ypu for your comment :) 

  • Hi AnaRita. I have heard of this method, but also have heard of a few cervixes suffering with abrasions. I suppose it may be worth a try, but hopefully as you have been trying for a while, you have been to your GP to get checked out? Good luck! Diane

  • Yes diane. I have been to my GP and we have made some tests to see where if there is anything causing my infertility but so far, no answers. I have a hospital appointment next week, hopefuly I will get some more help. Thank you 

  • Hi AnaRita.  That's good to hear.  Hope all goes well with your appointment at the hospital.  Thinking of you.  Diane

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