Positive thinking

I've posted earlier on this subject, but just back from my counsellor and will be focussing on the following things:

- starting each day neutral and reviewing at the end to identify what made me happy

- focus on today, and stop projecting forward

- writing a to do list which is only 4 items long that will be completed each day, including one nice thing each day (28 things done each week).

- daily meditation/me time

Will let you know how I get on

2 Replies

  • How's it going Flowergirl?

    Have been thinking of your daily meditation and hoping it's helping.


  • slowly getting there. Am a bit better at getting my mind in a place where it is a good thing to be wanting to have a baby.

    Have got Zita West's meditation cd, plus suplimenting with some I use at my yoga class, as it is a bit early for Zita West's at the moment.

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