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New text to donate now available

New text to donate now available

As you may have seen on TV, Just Giving is working in collaboration with Vodaphone to promote a 'JustTextGiving' service, which is a commission free offer for all charitable users and donors and available across all mobile networks. It is an easy way for us to enable individual donations in a very user friendly way. Often we are asked if factsheets are available and many people are surprised they are free to download.

We will be adding the ability to donate on all our factsheets shortly. You can of course donate for any reason.

More To Life and ACeBabes both come under the umbrella of Infertility Network UK, rather than have three accounts we have been given one global text code: INUK03 to donate follow the instructions below:

1. To make a donation simply send a message to 70070

2. Stating INUK03 £5 (or £1 to £10 max - depending on how much you want to give)


3. You will receive a text message receipt saying 'Thank you for your £5? donation to IN UK, MTL, ACeBabes. You can add 25% at no extra cost with Gift Aid, just click here and follow weblink'. (A reminder text is also sent 24 hours later).

4. Infertility Network UK, More To Life & ACeBabes receive the money one month after the donation was made and the Gift Aid the month after that via our Just Giving account.

If you have any questions do get in touch and if you have a fundraising idea we'd love to hear from you too.


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