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We've been TTC for what feels like forever now, and have had to resort to treatment, but I still get that little bit of hope each month that we will have actually done it. This month my hopes were really raised, our diaries were fairly clear so we knew we were ahem, well you know, plenty (which at least was good for our relationship). Then the beginning of this week, my boobs started aching, and I could feel my ovaries, so I was beginning to get my hopes up, and AF didn't appear to be making an appearance.

So this morning, I POAS, and in two minutes, got a PFN and the first signs of AF.

So actually, I was suffering from PMS. I know that the odds are against us, and we can keep trying for ever, but this month it hurts a little bit more than normal.

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I know it is hard, if it is not bad enough that us very brave but unlucky women stuggle to conceive, we are tormented everymonth.

I feel the same, I think everymonth, I always have the glimmer of hope and then when I realise Im tricking myself, sit in then large pit of self pity, thinking why do I bother trying. I think although unfortunate it is a natural feeling that we will always get, I just hope that one day soon for all of us that hope is a reality.

Keep trying... Its the only thing we can do...

Sazzle x


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