Fertility Network UK

A new place for us all to share stories and support....brilliant!

Thanks to Tracey and everyone else at INUK for setting up this new and exciting site. I have benefitted hugely from all the support I have had from INUK and the lovely girls who are also going through such an emotional and stressful time in their lives.

I still struggle to believe that I have already gone through so much on my journey to have a baby, and at times I feel so unhappy and alone, but I can honestly say that I have found the last few months so much easier to bear, knowing that there are so many others like me out there, who truly care and understand. It strengthens me and makes me even more determined to achieve my goal and have a family of my own one day.

I really hope so many of you will benefit from this new healthunlocked site and look forward to sharing both happy and difficult times ahead with you all.

R x


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