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So it looks like we will be going for egg donation. But we are taking the steps real slow whilst we consider what this means for us and whether it is the right decision.

To help with this, I've purchased a book from the Infertility Network UK Amazon Shop, which is really helping as it is asking us lots of questions about what is a really big decision, both emotionally for us and any child we have, but also ethically and financially

It has also given me some comfort in the diagnosis. I was kind of wondering whether my Dr had given up on IVF after 3 rounds, which he always threatened to, or whether he was right to recommend an alternative approach. Within the first few chapters they talked about those who may turn to ED, and there, was the situation we are in: poor responder to IVF drugs/poor egg quality. It was nice to be able to fit myself in a category as it moves us on from Unexplained, and that actually this is possibly the only route to increase our chances.

Next steps for us - further reading and thinking, and follow up on the approach we have made to our clinic. Now beginning to realise the length of time a treatment cycle will take, but don't want to move forward until we are sure this is the route for us.

FG x

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Hi Flowergirl

I read your post with lots of interest as it is a position that I too am expecting to find myself in in the not too distant future.

I have a chromosomal disorder which has always been blamed for my multiple mc's and more recently, 3 years of unexplained secondary infertility - but it was only when we went for our 1st IVF cycle at the end of last year, that we realised we may be up against more than one hurdle. Despite responding, on the surface, extremely well, with 17 eggs and a very short easy cycle, our 'healthy looking' 9 embryos all turned out to be full of multiple chromosomal disorders - with only one of them actually testing positive for my diagnosed disorder. We were shell-shocked for some time and refused to believe the Consultant when she told us at our review that it was simply very rare and very bad luck.

Just before Christmas, I pushed her for more answers and she eventually conceded that if this happens again in another cycle, there is an 80% liklihood that my eggs have aged prematurely and that is to blame for the chromosomal issues - it is apparently always more likely to be the eggs than the sperm that would cause this.

I'm only just turned 37 and after many mc's, finally got my longed-for 1st child 3.5 years ago - so to think that my eggs have done this in just that period of time is shocking and scary - but if that is the case, I know that DE is our only option of a sibling who would genetically and biologically be partly ours.

The clinic has recommended we try just one more IVF cycle and we've already started so all can do is cross everything and hope that there is one more miracle for us, as greedy as I know that may sound.

I think you're doing all the right things, reading and researching and I will certainly be doing the same - good luck and let us know how you get on



Hi Flowergirl,

Can I ask you what the book you bought was called? My husband and I could really do with a good book to guide us through the issues around ED.




Hi Cat

I went to the Infertility Network UK site (www.infertilitynetworkuk.com), on there search for the Amazon Store, I think it is the second return, then click through to this site, there are lots of sections that you may want to look at. For this book, go to the Egg Donation section, and it is the first book 'Having your baby through egg donation' by Ellen Sarasohn Glazer.

Good luck with your journey

FG x


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