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Just wanted to give a quick update. My last embroy didnt make it I don't have nothing to transfer. Im meeting my consultant later on to discuss next steps by at my age don't think there are many options left. I just feel beaten. I gave this cycle everything. Im broken beyond words. Thank you to everyone who thought of me, wished me luck, pm'd me you guys always help me feel better even though you are battling with your own fertility wars. Thank you and wish each and everyone of you the best of luck in your journey x

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So sorry xx

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Applepie7 in reply to Daisy1245

Thanks Daisy1245

I'm so sorry to learn this. When you've given so much to a cycle it is incredibly disheartening and upsetting to have this happen. Thinking of you xx

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Thank you so much x

I’m so sorry. Thinking of you and sending you all of my love ❤️

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Thanks x

So sorry to hear this. Hoping that you get some good options in your review consultation. Every cycle seems randomly different. You've had such bad luck x

Thank you for your kindness.

Hi Applepie. So sorry to hear this, and hope you have plenty of support just now. Take some time to recover as best you can, then talk over your options with your specialist. Wishing you some peace and contentment. Diane

Thank you Diane.

I’m so sorry x

So sorry to hear this. Big hug.xx

That's so tough, hope the consultant will have some options x

I’m so sorry 😞 sending you strength xx

Awww my sweet, this happened to me on my first ever IVF cycle and it beyond sucks!! Sending massive hugs.xxx

So sorry you are going through this. I hope you have some support around you. Take time to grieve and take extra care of yourself. I hope your review consultation provides you with some options on the way you can move forward. Thinking of you x

I’m so sorry to hear this, my heart goes out to you xx

Hi, I'm sorry read that. Please rest and speak to your specialist. There must be sn option out there for you!

I am so sorry to hear xxx my heart goes out to you, this journey is so hard xxx make sure you rest and spend time with close family or friends who can be there for you. I hope your review consultation brings out more options xxx 🤗

So sorry sending you big hugs. Xx

So sorry to hear this, Applepie! Best of luck to your meeting with your consultant; whatever option there is I hope will have great results for you. Wish you the happiness that you deserve. ❤️

I am so sorry, I am in the same situation , see consultant tomorrow, I caught covid somehow and my ovary response was terrible with only one embryo that was terrible quality and didn't grow properly. Its likely our last nhs round due to hubby's bmi so going to find out if it's worth continuing private at all or with donor eggs. I totally get your devastation as it feels like a waste round that didn't really happen but the grief and emotions are still the same. Wait until your appointment for some more info but I so get that feeling of defeat. Just one day at a time, that's all we can do x

So sorry to hear this. Wishing you all the best and praying for a miracle for you xx

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