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Progesterone (tmi)

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Hi People,

Good morning, this post is abit of TMI so I apologize in advance. I’m taking vaginal suppositories (3dp5dt) I’m a little concerning that I’m not going up far enough lol and get a lot discharge from this. This morning I sneezed and one fell out. I really concerned that I’m not getting the correct dose. Can anyone relate with this and. Still had success stories.

Thank you all

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Hey, don't worry about tmi as we've all been there! 😄 I'm sure if you're pushing it in as far as you can then there's not much more you can do.

Are you lying down for 15 to 20 mins after inserting to allow the progesterone to be absorbed? I find once I get up after my 20 minute lie down I do get a lot of discharge, but it's just the fat that was holding the progesterone melting and coming out. The actual progesterone is already absorbed.

So as long as you're giving enough time for the progesterone to be absorbed, you should be fine 🙂 Good luck!

Thanks hun for the reply that’s reassuring xxx

Urgh it's such a messy business isn't it 😂 Do you have to taken those ones vaginally Coles? If you have an option, I'd definitely go for up the bum! 😆 xx

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Coles2020 in reply to AuroraXen

I will try this then thank you xx

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AuroraXen in reply to Coles2020

Unless your doctor or nurses insisted on the vagina, I'd definitely do it in the back (check with them first maybe, to be safe). I personally think it's so much easier... doesn't fall out, you don't have to lie down afterwards... Good luck Lovely! xx

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Skittles11 in reply to AuroraXen

Hi just make sure the ones you have are suitable for the back, I know cyclogest is but apparently Utrogestan is vaginally only. Like Aurora says, best to make sure with your clinic x

Never TMI on this site I dont think! Ive also started up the bum, they seem to stay in longer and you dont get any of the messy discharge and it should still be absorbed the same-good luck :) x

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Coles2020 in reply to Ellie1005

👍 thank you x

Definitely back door is easier! x

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Coles2020 in reply to Millbanks

Okay I give it a shot lol thank u x

Hi Coles. Just make sure you lie on your back with your legs bent and push the pessary(ies) up as far as you can. Lie there for 20-30 minuts and get up. Any leakage after that is just the waxy covering and stuff you don't need. You will have absorbed all you need to. Good luck! Diane

Thanks for reply - I haven’t been lying flat afterwards tbh so will start that straight away. I guess I just have to hope for the best now. I am feeling slightly nauseas at times so must be getting some progesterone in as too early for pregnancy symptoms unless of course it’s the estrogen tablets. X

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to Coles2020

Hi. Probably oestrogen? Good luck! Diane

Thanks guys - back door is definitely easier - all the best to you all. I love this site and not sure what I’d do without it since we keep the whole ivf quiet from everything. Thanks again xx

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