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6dp5dt and getting period pain :(

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After getting five good eggs (which was more than expected), all fertilised but just the three became blastocysts. Two of those weren’t good quality so didn’t make it to the freezer, and I had my only good one transferred on day 5. I’m now 6dp5dt and getting what feels like period pain. I’ve been having a strange tugging sensation since transfer, but this is now definitely more like cramp.

I’ve got no desire to test. I went in Sainsbury’s and Boots yesterday and it didn’t even cross my mind to buy one. I’m not getting my hopes up. I think I’m already convinced it’s failed and I’ve started looking into access fertility and what my options are for more treatment. My OTD is Friday the 2nd, and I’ve taken the day off work expecting the worst. I wish this was easier.

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Well done for resisting 💪😂 I haven't been tempted yet either and am 8dp5dt. Think it's more that I like keeping the hope alive! But have to say I'm really starting to feel this hasn't worked 😔 Small traces of brownish blood tonight so maybe that'll be the start of the onslaught 🤦‍♀️ OTD is Wednesday but might test earlier if I start bleeding. Wednesday isn't a good day at work for me so I might test Tuesday in the end, to try to prepare myself 😬 Hoping the week flies by for you xx

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NemoFish in reply to AuroraXen

If I wasn’t in work all week, I might be tempted to test earlier, but I know I won’t be able to cope with a bfn at work. This is my first tww pretty much ever. I’ve taken one pregnancy test in my life, and that was only for my hsg! I didn’t ovulate for any of my Letrozole cycles so there wasn’t any waiting during those either.

I’ve seen lots of people say that small traces of bleeding isn’t always a bad thing, so fingers crossed for you!! Xx

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AuroraXen in reply to NemoFish

Ah I know, it's awful isn't it, trying to prepare yourself to deal with bad news... all the time trying to keep up appearances that you aren't falling to bits 😪 I do think I'm going to test a day early (I'll still do OTD too)... just because tomorrow I'm working from home and can have a good cry if I need to 🤦‍♀️ Who knows though, maybe there's still a chance of it being good news 🤞🤞. 🤯🤯🤯 xx

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NemoFish in reply to AuroraXen

If you can work from home that sounds a lot easier, at least you don’t have to see anyone face to face. I work on demolition and construction sites where it’s 99% men so I can’t deal with the extra stress!

Literally as I replied to your last message I started spotting myself last night. It seems to have stopped now but I was awake all last night googling it over and over. Why do we torture ourselves like this! X

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Hi Nemofish. Sorry to hear this. Make sure you drink plenty of water and are passing nice clear urine, in case you could be developing a urine infection. Just keep up with any prescribed medication and test on the day recommended by your clinic. Diane

Hey. Just to say that in my experience cramping, that felt IDENTICAL to AF cramping was always a good sign for me so good luck xx

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NemoFish in reply to Tugsgirl

I had the tiniest bit of spotting to go with it last night as well, so I’m nervous as hell now! X

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