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TTC: Letrozole, NAD, AMA, low AMH/DOR (no IVF), Cambridge IVF


I am interested in trying medications similar to Letrozole and/or NAD to help with my TTC journey as we have been trying for 16mo. I don't have PCOS or problems ovulating on my own but I am considered AMA (advanced maternal age) and have low AMH/DOR where egg quality could be an issue -- I would like a little push to possibly develop more and better quality eggs during a "natural" intercourse method (no IVF or IUI). Is this something that Cambridge IVF offers? What doctor or clinic did you get to prescribe the medication(s) and monitor you if you are in a similar situation? I am in East Anglia / Suffolk but am willing to travel.

Note: We did have a MC (anembryonic pregnancy) in Dec 2020 with no chromosomal issues but the root cause of the failure is unknown and from what I have read, the next largest factor is egg quality (no male factor issues for us).

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Quite similar stated ttc at 37-39 had 3 mmc 2 chemical pregnancies no ivf etc no other issues except age my partner younger no sperm issues either. I’ve low amh due to age. I conceived again 6 mths after my last chemical now 41 and 27w pregnant. Don’t give up I definitely felt egg quality was our issue but doesn’t mean all eggs are poor keep trying x best of luck.

_HMP in reply to gcw104

Thank you for the reply, it is helpful to know I am not alone and that there is still hope. Congrats!

Did you take Letrozole/NAD or other medications to TTC?

gcw104 in reply to _HMP

No nothing medical in the past I was taking lots of supplements like dhea ubiquinol pqq all that kind of stuff which we did conceive in 3 mths after taking but that ended in mc my 3rd. I stopped everything after my last chemical even folic acid which I’d been taking for 2&1/2 yrs stopped Opk bbt I did know ovulation time roughly been tracking so long I know my body signs well but with having so many mc I had to stop to emotionally get back on track mentally. We had tests for mc and fertility nothing found and nothing was offered ivf they said would be with a donor egg.

Hi I’ve took both Clomid and letrozole, and have had positive experiences with both. Also have low amh & lining issues. Please feel free to read my posts & let me know if theres anything I can help with x

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