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Our last 2 Embryos


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I had these two beautiful embryos transferred today

Grade 5ab & 4bb

Let the 2WW commence.

Is there any cycle buddies?


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Gorgeous! I had my transfer yesterday. Number 7 and last FET for a sibling for our IVF DD. When’s your OTD? March 8th for me, beta. Fingers crossed for us both! 🍀

8th March for me too ❤️❤️ good luck xx

Thanks you too 💕

We've got March 8th test day too. It's International Women's Day, hope that's a good sign for us!!

Ah yes you’re right! Women for the win! Hope we’re all winning that day 🍀 💪🏻

Good luck! Xx

Transfer tomorrow of 1 of our 3 frosties, hoping to get lucky again and add a second little monster to our family. Best of luck with your two, they look great!

Good luck xx

Wishing you all the luck! Stick embies, stick! 🍀 🍀 🍀

Good luck 🤞 lots of baby dust to you 🌠

Wishing you lots of luck x

Beautiful embies!!🥰 wishing you tonnes & tonnes of luck!🤗xxx

Everything crossed for you, stick and grow 🤞🏼

Thanks all. I'm shocked at the size difference the little one has my heart because it's so small compared to my others. It's one that caught up and was almost binned at day 3 but managed to get to blast ❤️❤️

Good luck hun! Are you doing anything differently this time? xx

I've had no buserelin is the major difference, it's an ERA timed cycle like every one since we got the results. Xx

That's good - I really hate buserelin - it's so time consuming too. Fingers crossed for you xx

Thanks xx

Hi 🙋🏼‍♀️ We transferred our one and only frostie yesterday but my OTD is 9th March!

Good luck to you hun xxx

Good luck to you, but be depending on time of day they put it back? Xx

I’m not sure. It was 12:30pm? Xx

Ah mine was 1. 30 ish. Strange isn't it.

Good luck! 8th March OTD for me too. 🤞

Good luck to you xx

Good luck to you too! Many of testing the 8th

Good luck xxxxx

Hi Mont , Me too , I have one beautiful embryo on board! My 7th and last embryo 🥰 FET yesterday ! Hope your feeling well . I’m hopeful 🤞

Montgomery2 in reply to Deep79

Hi we have the opportunity for another egg collection but all the medication with water retention has took its toll so il need to shift some weight before I have any more collected. I have a burning tummy if that's a good description haha. Xx

My transfer will be tomorrow, we are transferring two embies too, this will be our second transfer, I'm so scared. Everything crossed for you dear/us. Hopping for a massive +ve❤️🤞

Good luck x

Best of luck, you have a really good shot with the 5AB especially, and the 4bb both great grades, my son was a 5AB once upon a time. I read somewhere a 5AB has over a 48% pregnancy rate if aged 35 or younger. I am transferring a 3BB next week to try give him a sibling. Fingers crossed for both of us xx

Thank you for that ❤️ especially good luck for your sibling xx

Thank you very much. x

Good luck hun, I had mine yesterday too, rest and take it easy. x

Good luck to you ❤️ xx

Hi Montgomery2, pleased to see you have had your two fantastic embryos transferred. I had one transferred recently and test day is 7th March. Luck to all 3 embryos!

Good luck to you too xx

I am sort of a cycle buddy! Have our beta blood test tomorrow to see if fet #2 has worked.

Your embabies look gorgeous, so hard not to get absolutely attached to them all isn't it!

Best of luck to you all!


Good luck to you too xx

Best of luck 🤞xxx

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