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9dp5dt no symptoms expect usual monthly headache

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Hi everyone.

So we finally started our 4th IVF ICSI cycle in January and was so so grateful to get a blastocyst ♥️

After 3 rounds and only 1 blastocyst I really didn’t think we would get one but we did.

I’m 9dp5dt and am going mad. 2 days ago I was having pulling sensations and convinced myself it had worked. Yesterday I got a bad headache and was gutted because I usually get these headaches before AF is due.

The headache is better but still there and all I can think is that I’m out.

Did anyone else get their usual AF symptoms and still get a BFP?

OTD is Thursday and I’m so scared.


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I’m literally exactly the same. Had the worst headache last night on 7 days past transfer but today I haven’t really felt a thing 😔 I don’t know if it’s good or bad news x

Do you usually get headaches with AF? It’s so scary isn’t it. I’m convinced I’m getting bad news on OTD but really am hoping for the best xxx

No not really. I only really have a headache when hungover lol.

I’ve had a constant bad head since transfer day but it’s gone today. 😫

It could be a good thing 🤞 let’s hope it is for us both xx

Best of luck to you 🍀🍍 unfortunately what will be will be but we must try to stay sane and positive xx

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