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6dp5dt- hello headache (AF symptom 😱)

Good Morning ladies, thank you for all your support- it makes such a difference to read all your kind words. I feel a lot less lonely in this battle! 😃 last night I decided to gorge on pizza to cheer myself up, didn’t have a great night sleep (thirsty) and woke up with headache which is my main AF symptom. Which I had during my failed cycle obviously on the same exact day. Oh boy, why am I such a control freak and have the need to chart and compare charts? Lol

Anyway, my tests are still in my bedside table and we’re one day closer to Friday 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀wishing you all a peaceful and strong Monday, WE CAN DO THIS! ❤️

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Hi Issy

I’m 5dp5dt today and I have a headache too. Headache is not my usual AF symptom but I read somewhere that it is an early pregnancy symptom. I know we shouldn’t be symptom spotting but it is soooo hard not to. I haven’t felt anything cramping apart from a teeny weeny bit of pinching on my left side for a few minutes on 2dp5dt. In the past i had hot flashes before all three of my natural BFP tests but then I wasn’t on progesterone. I do feel hot at night when I sleep and my nipples are a little sore (not my BFP symptom) but I know they are due to the cyclogest pessaries. My test day isn’t until Sunday so yours is two days before mine. I will be following your posts closely, waiting for your good news. Are you tempted to test before Friday?

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Hey pudding! Yeah sometimes I’m tempted to test, then I think it will be BFN and I’m so sick to see it that I won’t definitely test early....I’m trying to stay positive but this headache is making it hard....we’ve got one more frozen embryo and I was thinking to go straight into another FET to to waste time if we then need to do IVF all from the beginning again 😱...I turn 40 in July! 😱

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Mmmpudding in reply to

I’m so want to test but I am trying to hold out as the disappointment of a bfn would ruin my day. I am 41 so I have serious doubts that I will get my BFP on first go. You have a frozen embryo which shows your eggs must be still of good quality. I only had two 5 day blasts but due to my previous three sections, I’m only allowed to have one embryo transferred each time :(

I had a nap just now, hope it is a good sign or perhaps I was just lazy haha

I think you can thank your friend progesterone for that! I don’t have it as a normal period symptom but on all my cycles, positive and negative I’ve had major dehydration and thirst, like I could drink a lake!

Make sure you drink plenty of water, it will help a lot and try not to think it’s a bad sign ♥️ xx

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Thanks Kibo- after reading your reply I gobbed down some water ahaha you’re right i must stay positive! Thirst in another PMS sign for me although I gorged on pizza last night and it could also be that (I don’t usually have junk food, have been eating really clean for more than a year now so not used to gorging on food ahaha) how are you? 💋

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I bet the pizza was good though! 😂

You’re almost at the finish line, keep your chin up! ♥️

I’m good, my boobs have reached a new level of soreness today though 😫 taking it as a good sign!🤞🏻x

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It was delicious 😂

My boobs are just ‘full’, thanks cyclogest 🙈 this is day 12 that I’m taking it and when it piles up in my system it really takes over....so annoying!

Fingers AND toes crossed for us 🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

Hi Issylove. Try drinking some extra water to help with the headache. You can safely take some paracetamol if you need to. Good luck! Diane

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Thanks Diane, yes I’m drinking a lot more today and it’s somehow helping ! X

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DianeArnoldPartner in reply to

That's good to hear. xx

Hiya the 2ww is such a crazy time.

Your post made me laugh as I also gorged on pizza 5dp5dt on my recent cycle to cheer myself up. It was delicious (and did sort of help cheer me up and my husband was thrilled) but I distinctly remember also have a terrible sleep and extreme thirst/headache combo.

Lots of water cleared the headache, like loads, and I never slept well again as the crazy vivid dreams and waking up for the toilet in the night began 😂.

Sending you all the luck in the world for Friday 🤞♥️ x

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Omg really? Ahahaha I know but it was worthy! I’ve got some pizza leftovers but keeping it for hubby (who will be delighted) I really need to go back to my broccoli today ahaha

Thank you so much for the luck 🍀I really need it❤️

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I’m going to take your inspiration and get back on the broccoli eating train. Thank goodness mine is frozen as I’ve only been avoiding it for the past 2 months 🙈.

Swear I haven’t just been eating pizza though 😂😂 🍕 x

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