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second round ivf failed. Questions in regards to supplements and medications. any advice is welcome :)

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Hi all I have a question, after my two failed ivf I was wondering if taking probiotics and zinc supplement could be harmful? my doctor said no, but I'm questioning everything at this point..

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How much Zinc and how often was it taken? Recommended by a doctor? Zinc interferes with copper and Iron absorption i read.

Hi ! its 15mg twice a day at night. is that bad you think ? It was recommended by a dermatologist a while ago, I only told her I was trying to conceive not do ivf,

We live in the times that every word we say need to be backed up at molecular level, unfortunately i can't blame or say if it is good or bad. If i was you i would take something balanced or take a expert second opinion. From what i read it can seriously block copper uptake in to the body at doses more than recommended daily dose especially on a prolonged period. I do not know if such mineral deficiency can cause problems but so many things we don't know how it all affect normal fucntioning. I hope you had a thorough hormone level checks which can affect implantation and endometrial thickness.

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