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***sensitive** BFP and high hcg level...ovulation induction


Hi to anyone reading this...

I feel very grateful to be writing this but just wanted to put it out there as worrying here.

I had ovulation induction treatment with trigger coming up to 3 weeks ago now and have had 1st blood test today and hcg has come back at 1612....has anyone had experience of this and everything been ok? I am worrying about molar pregnancy ...as consulted dr google (i had an abdomen ultrasound today and no sac could be seen- though im sure way too early to see)

Baby dust to everyone xx

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Congratulations on your BFP 🥰 everyone on here can understand your anxiety after getting a BFP. It's exciting but then it feels an overwhelmingly terrifying responsibility. I almost made myself ill with worry last time and I've made a promise to myself not to do that again.......there's nothing you can do to change the outcome...its down to biology and your body...so try and relax, it knows what to do. I think molar pregnancies are pretty damn rare so you would be really unlucky. Put down dr.google and give yourself some self-love for you and the little growing bean. I'm surprised they scanned you so early tbh as it would be very unlikely to see anything yet. Hope everything goes well. Xxx

Emrevic in reply to Lovemylion

Thank you so much...i feel a little bit better today and i will stay away from dr google haha.


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