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I'm 6dp5dt and had a FET :) I'm experiencing heavier cramps today and unfortunately caved in and tested BFN. I'm staying optimistic but worried. Currently have dizzy, light headed episodes and super tired! My progesterone was greater than <40 ng/mL. Any similar stories with BFP?

Thank you!

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It’s still early days! Also, did you use your FMU? And an early detection test like First Response? I would give it a couple days (if you can hold out!) and try again.

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ulyssar92 in reply to Murielsmom

Hi! I did use FMU & It was a FRER :( I'll try to hold out till Friday the blood test 🤞

It’s still early. I didn’t get a very, very faint line until 8dp on a 3dt. Even then my husband couldn’t see the line. Give it a couple more days. Distract yourself in the meantime. All the best of luck to you 🤞❤️

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ulyssar92 in reply to Blu15

Thanks! I'm really trying but this is torture 😞

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Hi ulyssare. Test again on the day recommended by your clinic, and keep up with any prescribed medication. Aches and pains, down below can be left over from the procedures you have had. However, make sure you drink plenty of water and keep an eye on your urine output, that it is pale in colour - just in case you might be developing a urine infection. Thinking of you. Diane

Thank you Diane! I'll wait till Friday when we do the blood test 🤞❤️ I've actually drank so much water and just rest a lot because of the amount of progesterone I'm under. Thanks for comforting my thoughts on the aches and pains.

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DianeArnoldAdministrator in reply to ulyssar92

Hi. All the best for Friday. Diane

Hi! I’m similar boat, did FET last Thursday so today is day 6 or 7, do they count transfer day as day 1 or the next? Anyway, I tested on digital this morning and BFN. Feeling very defeated

Ahhh we’re basically cycle buddies! But I think the day after not the day of. I totally get you because many do get bfp around this time. Friday is blood test 🤞🏽❄️

Me too! I’m dreading it. Are you going to test again before then? I did my test this morning on a clear blue digital, probably wasn’t the best choice but it’s all I had.

Yeah the digitals aren't as sensitive, but I most likely will tomorrow morning knowing that I have no self control and know that if it's negative I'll be a hot mess! Lol When are you testing at your clinic?

Friday! I’m going to “try” to wait until that morning to take a first response. That way I’m prepared before they call me, I want to know first 😩 I’ve seen a lot that say day 6 is too early, even though some get BFP then. So hopefully we are late implanters!

What did you find out? Mine is BFN :( we are going to do the ERA test this cycle before another FET. I’m so numb at this point.

I’m so sorry doll 😔 you’re not alone tho. I, too got a BFN. Cried my eyes out yesterday and taking progesterone oil until tomorrow. Soon as I get AF I’ll go in for baseline. Was this your first transfer?

I’m sorry 😪 it feels surreal! I really thought this was it. And yes our first! Was it yours too?

It really does!! I even paid $300 for acupuncture the day of transfer because I was so sure this time would work! This was our first 😞💗 praying for next month 🙏🏽

Ugh! I feel like so much of that is just “might increase chances” I did acupuncture through our IUI’s and then gave up! Feel free to message me if you need someone to talk to! Always nice to relate to someone

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