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Which home pregnancy test to buy?


Hello, I’m 7dp5dt and will be due to do my home pregnancy test on Saturday all being well 🤞🏻. I was wondering if anyone had any advice on which test to buy? I opted to do my own at home instead of going into the clinic and now I’m wondering if that is a good idea as I’m a little worried about the best test to buy.

Thank you

Sarah x

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I would get a first response early test. They are the most sensitive!

Good luck xxx

Definitely first response. Good luck! X

If you waiting till OTD clear blue digital or first response. The digital is good because seeing the words helps you believe it more if that makes any sense xxx

Hey lovely buy clear blue digital it’s there in black and white xxxx you got this 🙌

Good luck Sarah! 🍀🤞🏼xxx

Freres early test. They are most sensitice and apparently more sensitive than the clear blue. Good luck

Defo first response! Good luck!!Xx

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