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Ubiquinol (pure form)


Hi Ladies

I read it starts with the egg in June so I bought one of the recommended brands (Jarrow Formula) and took 400mg per day for just under 3 months before ivf egg collection.

In that cycle, 8 eggs were collected and 5 fertilised. All fertilised eggs made it to day 5 but just one blastocyst, which didn't stick. So in late September I changed to pharma nord Ubiquinol (the one used in the clinical trial) but ladies only took 200mg per day in it. Im currently taking 400mg and wondering if anyone has any experience of this brand, the dose and what outcomes you had?

Im 33 with normal ovarian reserve. Stimmed in 225iu meriofert. This is being increased to 300iu in the next cycle. Fingers crossed for cycle 2..!

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Hi there,

Just saw your post on ubiquinol and I've just recently started taking the Pharma nord brand 100mg tablets. After reading "it starts with an egg" I decided to also take other ladies reccomendations and to start with Pharma Nord. And I've been taking 2 tablets a day 200mg a day, in my first month taking what I've noticed, sorry if it's tmi but my cervical mucus around fertile window has been even more slippery and stringey . Which I guess is a good thing.

I am currently awaiting my 1st IVF appointment on 12dec, I haven't been told anything about whether I have diminished ovarian reserve but my good friend who went thru her 1st round of IVF took ubiquinol and got her BFP. It's definately worth a try for sure. For me, j will try anything that's going to only better my ovarian reserve. I'm hoping to start IVF treatment in jan or Feb so I would of had it in my system atleast 3 months prior to treatment.

Have you ordered the Pharma nord ubiquinol and have u noticed any changes with CM? Xx

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