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Kick in the guts


Well, we had the telephone follow up with the a nut shell, the progesterone levels were perfectly fine but the problem is with the poor embryo quality and them not attaching. His recommendation is to thaw all five, transfer 3 more and put the other two, if they survive in the embryo culture to see if they make it to blastocyst stage...if not end of the line...over and done with and a life of just the two of us!!!

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Hey Yammie1973

Sorry to hear, this IVF process is really tough and, as you age, egg quality becomes a real issue. Last week, I sent 5 blastocysts to be PGS tested and today 4 came back abnormal and one is "no-result", meaning we don't know if it is normal or abnormal. I am now getting ready for my 6th egg collection and who knows if I'll get any normal embryo from this round either.

I think your consultant's recommendation is not that bad. If you don't PGS test your embryos, above 42 I think it makes sense transfer 3 at a time because your chances of twin pregnancy are very low. As for the blastocyst culture of the other 2, it should be your individual decision. His recommendation makes sense if you believe that lab culture is as good as culture in the womb, which, no scientific study will ever test because it is unethical. You can ask them to keep the 2 as they are and then make a decision on what to do with them after your second transfer.

Finally, I would do an ERA/EMMA/ALICE test before your second transfer. You want to maximise all of your chances here.

Hang in there!

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Thanks Dog park. We really can't afford to do the ERA/EMMA/ALICE test as it's too expensive. We have to regroup our finances to do another transfer. I was thinking about doing Acupuncture again but no acupuncture treatment will improve the embryo quality now. I just wish we had known about PGS earlier in the egg collection process. I haven't slept all night, woken up with a migraine and still have had to come into work. I just can't deal with a negative again anytime soon. To have a PGS test and have them come back as abnormal will kill us both not to mention my mum who just doesn't understand with her dementia. I just don't want to think about it anymore!

So sorry to hear this Yammy, it’s so unfair. Sending you lots of hope & love xxx

Hey Yammie, I found you as I clicked on people near me. I’m just outside Norwich

Anyway please don’t give up hope, I was just watching a YouTube video of a woman that went to ivf and tried everything. In end she went back to old fashioned way and it happened. She had a little girl. Think it’s

called ‘ 43 years old, my pregnancy story’

So be strong, go for this ivf. Wishing you all the luck in world !

I’m 40 and have had 2 MMC and have been trying a year. It’s so life consuming. I’ve been pregnant all year and no live baby. It’s just heartbreaking.

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Hi, We are just on the outskirts of Cambridge, closer to Ely but travel to London for our clinic.

God will make a way.. sending prayers for a successful and healthy pregnancy/baby.

Thank you, but I'm fresh out of faith - dealing with hell on 3 fronts...would test even the archangels and saints - sorry, not being sarcastic or anything, just the way I am feeling.

Its okay I totally understand.

Hey Yammie, sorry to hear about your follow up appt. It does make sense to transfer as many as possible. However yo defrost them all seems a bit harsh I would have thought....unless some of the 3 dont make it. Could they not just keep those in the freezer for if and when they are required or is that not an option?xx

Consultant said that the remaining 5 embryos are of very poor quality, so he would rather transfer 3 and if the other 2 go to blastocyst stage, then refreeze them, which I don't want - in and out, in and out cannot be good for the little mites. Assuming if course, they survive the thaw in the first place!!

All I want is to transfer 2 next time and wait for a third attempt to culture the remaining 3 to blastocyst stage.

In the meanwhile my acupuncture chap said that if we give him 3 months to work his 'magic' alongside some Chinese herbs, it might make all the difference!!

At the present moment in time, we have nothing to lose by waiting and seeing!!

I think that's what I'd be pushing for Yammie! I dont see why if they wanted 5 day blastocysts that they didnt do that in the first place. I always think that if they are being defrosted and they survive then they are better back with mum than in a dish my that's just my humble opinion. Good luck with the acupuncture, I gave that a whirl for a few cycles and it made me relax....didnt get a BFP but nothing to lose!xx

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