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Success with icsi - low sperm count/morph/motility?

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I am looking to hear about any success stories with icsi when OH has low count/morph/motility. I am 40 and realistic about my chances. We already have a naturally conceived 5year old. We've been trying for 3 1/2 years and are now 3 weeks in to treatment. As far as we have been told, my results have come back ok, but I am realistic about the fact that my eggs won't be the same quality as they may have been 6 years ago. I suppose I'm just looking for a little glimmer of hope that this might work out for us. Many thanks in advance x

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Hi. I am 40 and I have had ICSI. I am 10 weeks pregnant now so it can work. Fingers crossed for you x

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Hi Emma. Thanks for the reply. Was this your first time? X

No it was my 4th x

I had ICSI due to low motility. Worked for us and i am now 31 weeks pregnant. Best of luck x

We had ICSI Treatment due to sperm quality issues and being a bit older (I am 38). I am 37 weeks pregnant. It worked first time around and we have 2 frozen embryos. They collected a few eggs (I think 14) but really you only need one that works!

We feel so lucky (and surprised) the treatment worked so well.

We both were relaxed and took treatment in our stride, didnt worry, or overfussed - I do believe it helped keeping some sanity.

I didn't find treatment difficult (egg retrieval was a little painful). The hardest was the wait between the positive test and the 7 week scan to confirm pregnancy. Again we remained as calm as possible - at that stage I experienced some complications due to treatment (cyst that led to ovarian torsion) but it was all good in the end...

Stay positive - it works!

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Ah thank you so much. Its wonderful to hear positve stories. We are the same. Trying to take it in our stride and stay calm. Cant believe we're over half way already. X

We had the same issues, had icsi and bfp both times, first was unfortunately lost but currently 10+6 weeks with our little tot xxx good luck 🍀🍀🍀🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼❤️❤️❤️

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Thank you so much. It really helps to hear positive outcomes. X

We needed ICSI due to many factors including age, low egg & sperm count. I was 39 years old when we started our 3rd round and was 40 when we had our little girl. Our success rate was predicted to be very low by the Drs but we threw everything at it on our final go (maximum meds, endometrial scratch etc) and were successful.

Wishing you all the best xx

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Thank you so much. Lovely and reassuring to hear positive outcomes. We have to hold on to these x

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