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I feel like i am going mad!!


Well as the title suggests today i am having a total meltdown.

I had a FET on 22nd August and got a BFP on the 4th September. Since then i have constant dull cramps and a stomach ache but every day i will get sharp shooting pains that literally stop me in my tracks. I did get some brown spotting too last week but that thankfully seems to have stopped. I am panicking constantly that something is going to go wrong like last time. I had a miscarriage at eight weeks on my last FET and it honestly feels the same. I'm convinced if i wasn't taking progestorone i would already be bleeding.

This morning i went to get a repeat prescription from the clinic and told them how i was in constant pain and thought they would reassure me however the nurse actually laughed when i said i was worried that things were going wrong. All she could say was that it was normal to experience cramping and to let them know if the symptoms continue. She did have a student nurse in who was much more sympathetic and did say it could be the uterus expanding and that it was to early to detect an ectopic pregnancy.

I feel like they have a set regime that everyone is on and they will not deviate from that. I felt like they weren't interested so rather than coming away feeling a little more hopeful i have come away feeling like i wasted their time and that i should just get on with things and stop overreacting. Of course now i feel awful, upset and surprise surprise i am still in pain.

Sorry not alot anyone can say i know, I just needed to vent.

thanks for listening xx

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I feel the same as u. I tested early and got a strong BFP, my OTD is Thursday and yesterday I did another and it’s another strong positive. Sent the pics to the clinic and they just said test again Thursday and call us and we will get in for a scan around week 7. I asked if they did bloods before that and she no, only if you have any bleeding. I’ve has two miscarriages in the past and explained this and thought they might have a blood test. Today I have lots of cramping and have emailed them but they will probably just say call on Thursday and we will discuss. Like you say, it’s like they are on auto pilot to every customer. X

It really is, are you NHS? I am wondering if i had paid private for this treatment i may have received more help and been listened too. I know i am extremely lucky to receive this treatment for free when so many people have to pay extraordinary amounts, but i can't help but think i am being fobbed off with my worries which are quite understandable given the past history.

I really hope everything goes okay for you on Thursday, IVF really is the most awful, stressful waiting game.

Take care xx

Yes nhs too. I’m thinking of going to my doctor and seeing if they will a blood test for me to check the hcg levels. Xx

It is a stressful time! Sorry you're having a meltdown. And sorry about your previous loss . It is a bit unprofessional that the nurse laughed at you. Ugh I had continual cramps for the first couple of weeks of my positive it was so stressful and it felt constantly like I was going to get my period. The progesterone is a real nightmare. Has the progesterone affected your bowels, because they did mine and the pregnancy does too and there is a possibility the pain could be related to that...

My clinic didn't do rising HCG bloods and I was concerned by that, but I ended up telling myself, even if I have them and they are positive that's not going to stop me feeling and stressing about cramps and pain ...

Have you noticed a pattern with the shooting pain ?


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It certainly is! I agree sometimes it is hard to differentiate between progesterone symptoms and pregnancy symptoms. TBH I have had no problems with constipation in fact if anything it is the other way but nothing that would cause me to worry. I do feel like I have alot of bloating and gas so the dull cramping could be that.

I hadn't thought about a pattern for the sharp pain but thinking about it now it does seem to come on later on at night after work when i am relaxing at home???

Hoping everything worked out for you in the end xx

Makes me so sad to hear the nurse laughed at you. I think you should call the clinic and ask to speak to the head nurse. Explain you are very disappointed by the nurses response and need to ask some questions.

I'm sorry to say lve noticed a common thread of insensitivity especially towards rainbow mums.

Uterine aches n pains are normal for many women, l truly hope it all settles down for you.

Sending you a big hug.

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Thank you unfortunately it is not my turn this time i started bleeding last night with increased pain, spoke to the clinic today and they have said it doesn't sound hopeful. I have to do HPT on Friday morning and if still positive they will take bloods but I know I have lost it, devastated xx

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I’m so sorry to hear this. Look after yourself x

So sorry 🌻

Bless u Hun. It not surprising u feel worried and that not nice to be laughed at like that. I would hope she is right with the growing pains as I’ve had pains like that too. It always such a worry when had an mc before. I’ve had two and we know our body and experiences and understandable it a worry. Try to like I am trying to think this is a new pregnancy and u have just as much chance for it to go well even with ur history like I do too.

Look after u. Hopefully all fine xx

Just read ur lol update sorry to hear this hun. Hoping all still ok xx

Gutted for you darling xxx

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