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Help! Long vs short protocol


I have a question please. I did long protocol first cycle (took an eternity) and I got 18 eggs but developed OHSS and had to stop treatment. This time I'm doing short protocol on the clinics advice and I'm really scared ill get less eggs. Anyone know if this is likely due to short stims?

So scared as of my 18 eggs I had 16 mature and 13 of which fertilised. Good fertilisation rate but only 3 made it to day 5 (good graded). As I lost so many on my first cycle, I'm scared if I do short protocol I may nowhere near as many eggs and even less to freeze. Anyone done both long and short protocol and had different outcomes with the number of eggs/embryos?

I've read differing opinions whether short protocol produces more eggs. Then others saying quality over quantity. I think my clinic want to do short to omit the risk of OHSS again.

I'm 38 and have naturally high AMH (45.2) with no underlying issues for it like pcos or endometriosis.

All replies gratefully received x

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Hey, I had my first and second fresh cycles when 37-38. Similar to you, good AMH. First cycle long protocol was a disaster, lots of eggs but nothing to transfer. Second cycle was short protocol, also good amount of eggs, and ended up with 8 high quality embryos. The first transferred gave us our girl and now trying for a sibling with Frosties from the same round. I believe short protocol was way better for me and my body! Also less suffering side effects. Good luck!

I’ve not done long protocol but I have done 3 short protocols. I’m 42 and have a good AMH. First round was a mild IVF - we got 19 eggs did IVF and 3 made it to day 5. I was boarder line OHSS so had to do a FET. 2nd round exactly the same protocol the difference being we did ICSI. 19 eggs again but none fertilised. Changed clinic and did a totally different protocol which was also short but I have to say felt so much better on my body! Got 12 eggs, 8 were mature and had 3 good quality day 5 blastocysts.

Sorry I can’t give you the difference with long protocol but if you trust your clinic go with their advice. There are also things you can do that help egg quality which I believe made a difference in my last cycle.

I have only done one round (age 41) short protocol - 10 eggs collected, 7 mature, 5 fertilised, 4 made it to 5 and 6 day blasts and 3 PGS tested normal (high grade) and frozen. These are way better results than the odds we were given and I put it down to the short protocol and that egg retrieval was done quickly (day 13) so I am all four the short approach!

Thanks for all the replies. Nervous but really hope I get as many eggs but better quality. I'm taking coq10, omega 3, vitamin D all high strength and inofolic. Soon to start dhea despite my high amh just yo hopefully get better quality eggs x

Hey jessy, I’m starting my cycle next week hopefully as long as my period arrives on time! Taking all those meds and extra ones for egg quality will really help here! Plus I’m also on the short protocol. Good luck xxx

I'm 36; did short protocol in april. 19 eggs retrieved on day 14, 17 fertilised and 14 frozen at day 3 due to OHSS. I have a very high AMH and PCOS so the good numbers were expected. I cut out all perfumed products and makeup for stims, I don't know if it made a difference but it was recommended by the clinic. I was also taking inofolic and the strongstart multi vitamin. Haven't done a long protocol so can't offer a comparison. I hope everything goes well for you and you get good results xxx

Jessy1280 in reply to Rach82

Sounds amazing! I have naturally high AMH with no reason for it. I'm 39 in December and amh of 45.2. I'm taking inofolic so praying it does the job! I had 18 eggs, 16 mature, 13 fertilised and only 3 made day 5. Great fertilisation rate. Doing everything I can to influence their quality. I feel like I set the benchmark high at 18 with long protocol. Scared i won't get as many with short protocol. I'm going to try your advice of no make up and perfumes xx

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