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** Sensitive post ** Viability scan


Hey everyone. I had my viability scan on Wednesday, it went so well. It was really absolutely amazing ! From last weeks scan wow baby has grown so much, from 1.2mm to 2.1cm! The baby’s heartbeat was so strong and really has started formation.

I’m at 7 and a half weeks currently and morning sickness well and truly kicked in!! Super appreciative and happy of it, as it’s signifying growth and everything I’m so lucky for. Prayed for this and I just keep praying everyday. Thanks for everyone’s support and kind words, they mean more than you know in the good and bad times. Laura xx

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Fantastic news! So chuffed for you 🥰❤️xxx

Thanks ever so much !! Hope your pregnancy is going well xx

Lovely pics laura and such lovely news xxx wishing you a very happy and healthy rest of your pregnancy x

crisps88 in reply to Lots8788

Thank you lovely. Sorry to hear your sad news and glad you’ve got some frozen , still not easy but I hope you’re being kind to yourself xxxxx

Lots8788 in reply to crisps88

Ah bless you,thanks lovely xxxx

Yaaaaay this is fab news well done xx

crisps88 in reply to Noah1981

Aw thank you Hun you’re such a good support. Thanks again made up. Hope youre ok xxx

Noah1981 in reply to crisps88

All good here darling roll on 2020 for ya xx

Yay brill for u. Enjoy xx

Thank you Hun! Hope your TWW isn’t going too bad - if that’s possible! X x x x

This is fabulous 😊 x

Yayyyy! Thanks Hun. Hope you’re ok and sickness is going down ! Xxxx

Yay! Such wonderful news and so happy for you. I’m currently 8 weeks and 4 days and waiting for my 12 week scan. Got an appointment with the midwife on Tuesday. Feels so surreal - we’re over the moon. Xxx

Great news! So pleased it went well and wow talk about growth!! Such positive news! Will keep rooting for you xx

Aw baby is doing so well! So pleased for you xo

Great news😊 x

I love this 🥰 so happy for you lovely. Hope you’re feeling ok. ❤️


Great news x

That's really great news hon, glad to hear everything's going well :)

Morning sickness can be reassuring but even so, I hope it settles down and you don't feel too awful xxx

This is great news to read congratulations xx

Congratulations 💐

That’s great news congratulations x x

So pleased for you!!!!! Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy and hope the morning sickness stops soon xxxx

Aww congratulations!!

Congratulations - so happy for you! Mine is On September 2nd. Holding my breathe a little until then 😊.

This is so lovely 💗✨

Mmmmm, good news indeed, enjoy the jouney of your pregnancy😙, baby dust xxx

It is truly the best feeling! Congratulations x

Great news crisps! So happy for you!! I'm finding my brain is chopping up my life into time between antenatal appointments now!! Next stop will be your booking appointment!! Good luck!!

Aww congratulations. Celebrate each milestone you reach it’s a step closer towards having your baby. All the best with the rest of your pregnancy xxx

This is great !! So pleased for you ! X

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