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⚠️ sensitive post ⚠️ viability scan

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This morning we had our viability scan and im pleased and relieved to say everything was fine. Little bean was measuring in as they should and we saw a heartbeat on the screen. I've now been discharged from fertility it all feels so sureal.

I wanted to say thank you to all the ladies who have given me support through my journey so far xx

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Leanne, I am so pleased for you!!


I’m having mine latter today, so nervous 😬

Hope the outcome will be the same xxx

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Leannefb in reply to CatDV

Good luck this afternoon wishing you all the best xx

Congratulations, lovely news!xx

Wonderful news - have hopefully you'll be able to relax now and enjoy the rest of the pregnancy xx

Lovely congratulations x

Fantastic news! congrats!! xx

Congratulations really happy for you. Amazing moment actually seeing your baby 😍 All the best with the rest of your pregnancy xoxo

Congratulations! Great news, wishing you all well xx

Aww congratulations, so glad you had good news. Lovely Christmas present for you all. Xx

Congratulations that’s fab news!! Xx

Brilliant! Congratulations. And Merry Christmas xx

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Leannefb in reply to Tugsgirl

Merry Christmas to you too 🎄 xx

Great news, congratulations x

Congratulations lovely nres

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Hi Leanne. Fabulous news! Hope all continues to go well with the pregnancy. Diane xx

Congratulations Leanne! What a perfect little gift of Joy to go into the Christmas season with! Can’t wait for my first scan in the new year. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy 🎉🙏🏽

Congratulations! Such happy news, thank you for sharing xx

Lovely news. Congratulations x

Wonderful news congratulations

Very best wishes and happy pregnancy time💝

Wow, I'm happy for you, have a safe 9 months journey 😍

Congratulations!! This is brilliant news!! I hope everything goes smoothly until you bring your little bean home!!! Xxxx

Thanks ladies this is quite an old post I'm now 27 weeks with a little boy 💙 xx

💙💙Aww amazing 💙💙

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