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Healthy eating


What are some foods to eat n not eat to hell with conceiving

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Hey. The top book is ‘real good for pregnancy’ by Lily Nichols. Amazingly well researched!

Hiya, you can also read It Starts with the egg by Rebecca Fett which a lot of people find helpful when ttc or if you’re facing ivf. The general advice is just to eat healthy (the mediterranean way of eating is most often recommended), cut out (or at at least down) on alcohol and caffeine, as well as highly processed foods. But also don’t get too hung up on following a ‘diet’ - you still need to be able to enjoy your food and being too strict with yourself will only lead to you being hard on yourself, which is the last thing you need when ttc! I try and follow a 80/20 split of healthy eating vs eating what I want so I can still treat myself or eat cake when i’m feeling down, or go out for nice meals without feeling guilty at all. Keeping my body feeling good through exercise is also key. Good luck!!

Thank u so much 😘

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