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Egg collection done!


Much faster than I thought and I’m home already.

More importantly they collected 10 eggs which is more than I was expecting from the short protocol and only 7 days of stimming. I thought about half that.

Now let’s see if their quality over quantity aim actually worked. I’m hoping to get three to freeze! 😨🤞 xx

***Update. Only 2 of the 10 have fertilised and can go into the weekend so not looking great. They aren’t sure why. Eggs and Sperm all looked good. Just one of those things. It’s blooming never easy!!

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Oh no, Im really sorry that you've had all those drop off! Did they use conventional IVF or ICSI? No, its never easy however you have the 2 there, fingers crossed they are little fighers!!xx

Kyell2 in reply to Cinderella5

Thanks. I just had normal IVF as nothing suggested I would need anything else. I guess we could look at ICSI for the next round. We paid upfront for 3 rounds because we were sure 1 wouldn’t work

We’ll see what Monday brings.

Hope you are well, you got an Athens date yet? x

Cinderella5 in reply to Kyell2

Oh balls, they will perhaps suggest ICSI next time....but hopefully you wont need it!!🤞🤞 Come on little embies...grow, grow!!

Im good thanks! We're flying on Sat 15th June for possible transfer Monday 17th. Had my first lining scan on Monday past and my lining is over 8mm which has never ever happened before....was very happy on the day but now I cant help thinking its a mistake!🙈🤣 Ive got another scan on Sunday so hopefully will see how things look then.xx

Kyell2 in reply to Cinderella5

Oh that is good news about your lining! So only a few weeks now to go🤞🤞 x


Hi Kyell. Well done in the first instance, but so sorry to hear that 8 of your precious eggs failed to fertilise. Keeping everything crossed for the remaining 2, and for transfer. Should you need to have another round of IVF another time, perhaps thoughts of trying ICSI instead, to ensure those sperm get into the eggs. Thinking of you. Diane

Kyell2 in reply to DianeArnold

Thanks Diane. I’m thinking ICSI might be the way forward too. We’ll see what Monday brings x

Oof, that's disappointing isn't it after such a good start. We're they not all mature? It's going to be a nervewracking wait over the weekend so try to keep busy and keep your chin up hon. Hope those two keep going xxx

Kyell2 in reply to MissSaoPaulo

No only one was immature. The other nine were fine and could have fertilised. They don’t know as yet why they didn’t fertilise. Let’s hope the 2 keep going 🤞 x

Ohh bless you hun its such a tough process. Hoping your 2 embies do well and are fighters. Be kind to yourself over the next couple of days. Am always here xx

Kyell2 in reply to NMP1026

Thanks. Will be busy this weekend as going to visit family. Feel irrationally mad at myself for not insisting on ICSI (although to be fair no one has ever suggested it) because then they’d have fertilised. Oh well, what will be will be xx

Gueritarubia in reply to Kyell2

Sorry to hear. Don’t beat yourself up for not having pushed for ICSI. Our first cycle, the 8 mature eggs and good sperm where put together 4 and 4: 4 ICSI, 4 IVF. Funnily the IVF ones fared better by quite a margin (3 instead of 1). In the end nothing was good enough to transfer, but the second cycle (different stimms, double trigger and IVF only) gave us 8 gold star blasts. The first put back gave me my gorgeous girl and currently on 2ww with another hoping for a sibling. Guess it goes to show that ICSI is often better, but not always. Ask your clinic and trust their advice. I didn’t believe the doctor when he said the second cycle could be very different, but oh boy was he right! I hope you won’t need to go another round but if you do, keep an open mind. Thinking of you!

Kyell2 in reply to Gueritarubia

Aw thank you. That’s really helpful. I think I always do the blame myself bit. I allowed myself to be positive yesterday because we got good egg numbers and that was silly so I’m back to being a ‘expect the worst and hope for the best kind of person’.

Hope your 2WW is going as smoothly as it can xx

Gueritarubia in reply to Kyell2

Thanks lovely. One week in, testing Tuesday! Started to get symptoms but might well be the pessaries or cold/flu I’ve come down with too...

I was like that my first cycle. I was so chuffed with my 11 eggs, and even 8 fertilised seemed good. But then they fragmented and didn’t grow well...

Some of it seems a numbers game but it’s also quality that is important... Hang in there and keep me posted

NMP1026 in reply to Kyell2

Aww bless you hun. Very easy said but please try not to be mad with yourself. Its such a difficult time! However you still have 2 embies and although it's not what you wanted you are still in with a shout on this round. Big hug xx

Just remember it only takes one. But i completely undertsand your concern. Stay positive. Youve done so well getting this far x

Kyell2 in reply to Lifelongdream

Thank you 😊 x

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