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EC Monday!!

Just had my final scan before EC and I only have two big follicles and one ok sized. Would be good to have a few more but we'll see.

So nervous about Monday got to be there for 7.30am and it's an hour and a half drive think I'll need a nice sleep that evening. I'm having it done under general but still scary!

Can't believe how quick this has gone. Quite glad I've only got 4 injections to go as my belly can't take anymore it hurts a lot to bend! X

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Hi Hydromermaid-1. just wanted to wish you well for Monday's egg collection. Try not to worry too much as they will look after you. Try putting an ice cube on the spot and let it melt before injecting, helps prevent soreness. Have a good rest if you can over the weekend. Thinking of you. Diane


THank you! I will try that! X


Hello! Just wanted to wish you all the best for your egg collection :) xxxx


Thank you! Xx


Hy Hydomermaid-1. Hope all went/goes well with egg collection today. Lots of water to drink and a good rest afterwards. Thinking of you. Diane


Thank you! All done and got 7 eggs so I'm quite pleased with that!


Hy Hydromermaid-1 Well done you! Here's to successful fertilisation - come on you embies! Diane

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