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Long protocol or short?


Apparently we are to decide for ourselves whether to do the long or short protocol and the clinic will give us no information to make this decision. Anyone had to make that decision or have any thoughts on it either way?

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Did they explain what both protocols would involve? Personally I think it’s quite unfair of them to place that decision on you without giving you their professional recommendation.

Not really just the short one means less time and less side effects but one less egg. They were worse than useless and I asked over and over and couldn’t get any straight answers. 🤷🏻‍♀️

That seems a little strange....I would ask for some more information and a chat through the pros and cons of each protocol based on your medical history x x

I asked and asked the nurse just said one less egg and that’s the only difference. The short cycle is shorter and less side effects. She said some clinics only use that. The live birth success rate is the same. They have only suggested it due to messing up the dates and trying to squeeze me in before their closure in July for two weeks. We have contacted a Dr and all he said was it was up to us and the live birth rate is the same. I swear these people are torturing us for fun! 😭 They are so unwilling so speak to us at all and always trying to get us out the door. x

Just read your comments and seen your hubby is going to call today. Really hope he gets some answers. I would not be happy if my clinic told me this. Is there any chance of you switching clinics if you don't feel comfortable with how you're being looked after? It might be worth a 2nd opinion? 🤷🏼‍♀️ x

I think the idea of less drugs would appeal to me if I had been given the choice. Luckily my AMH is high so they made that decision for me...plus it’s quicker, really only about three weeks in length so that’s a plus too.

Pretty ridiculous to give you no guidance though😳 x

Honestly I could rant all night about how unhelpful they have been. My AMH is normal but on the low side of the scale so not sure they’d normally recommend it but I know a lot of clinics only use the short protocol less drugs and side effects sounds very appealing I just want to make sure there’s nothing else to consider in terms of egg quality and embryos and success etc. I think we could have done without the extra decision to be honest! x

Yes, it’s a lot of pressure to put you under!

A lot of private clinics do only do mild IVF now or short protocol because it puts the body under less pressure with not quite so many drugs.

You are in Edinburgh right, does that mean you are entitled to 3 NHS cycles? If so is it worth a shot on short to see how you respond and then revert to long if it doesn’t? x

I am yeah we get 3 but we self funded to have our first one now instead of waiting a year if it doesn’t work we still get our other two goes. I guess that’s one way to look at it I think we’re just so focussed on this one being the one that works at the moment without thinking long term so much. I do think the less pressure on my body the better surely and also less stress with shorter treatment and actually we’d start the short protocol three weeks earlier than the long too so less stress while waiting. I think a lot points us in the direction of the short protocol I just don’t feel veryninformed. My husband is going to phone them tomorrow and see if he can get someone sensible to talk to. x

A lot to think about, hopefully you get some answers tomorrow...as soon as you make your choice it’ll all start really fast. Good luck with your decision (I don’t think there is a wrong choice, it’s just so hard to know which way to go).

Let us know how you get on x

How frustrating that you can’t seem to get proper guidance 😬 I’ve done both long and short ... found the short a lot easier on my body, no down regulation which For me was better! Not sure why the nurse said one less egg? I did long = 10 eggs, short = 10 eggs, short = 13 eggs. I hope you both can get some sensible help! All the best 💖 Xx

I would second the other people and suggesting changing clinic. The difference is not "one egg". How unprofessional...

When discussing the options with our consultant, he was adamant for me to go for the short protocol beacuse I have what he considers a high AMH, and because it seems to generate better quality eggs considering "my parameters", whatever that means.

Really hope you can get some more helpful advice. They can’t make the decision for you but, as others have said, should make a recommendation. I have done short protocol and had 19 eggs both times. We’re just moving clinic and they have indicated they’re likely to suggest short again as I was borderline OHSS before and it lowers the risk with a short protocol x

I did short protocol both times as I have relatively high AMH and polycystic ovaries so the consultant thought best to try to avoid OHSS. I had 7 eggs the first time (on Menopur) and 16 the second (on Gonal F, higher dose). My clinic has a pretty strong perspective on these things and I think I’d be really frustrated if I did not get a recommendation. I did do a lot of reading myself just to understand the rationales and found this website / blog helpful - just one doctor and they all have slightly different views but I found the level of detail helpful. haveababy.com/fertility-inf...

Thank you everyone for your replies it does really help to get everyone’s experiences. My husband spoke to the same nurse again who is now saying their recommendation is thenlong protocol and they only suggested the short one to fit me in before the closure due to them making the error and not getting me in on time this cycle. Which I think is exceptionally unprofessional as all it’s done is made us stress about having to choose. She’s sticking with her one less egg opinion and one less embryo she has now elaborated. They only recommend the log cycle as the short one can result in some people not responding that well to the drugs. I’m a bit concerned I’ve read so much about the short cycle being kinder to our bodies and less side effects etc so I still think it’s worth thinking about. It’s also a difference of five weeks and interferes with a lot of things we had planned if we go the long cycle. I just don’t know clearly it’s going to take some more thinking but it’s disappointing none of the doctors will speak to us about it. It’s NHS and self funding one of our rounds so it would be difficult now to move clinic and we’d need to find more cash as it’s more expensive but yes I wish we’d moved before when we thought about it! 🤦🏽‍♀️

Glad you've got a bit more information from the clinic 😘 x x

Yes I suspect slightly biased as my husband wants to do the long protocol as soon as he heard one less egg and is not all that fussed on the many benefits to me of the short cycle. 🙄 So he asked questions that would only get answers in favour of the long cycle really. But at least they discussed something with us! Progress. x

I've not heard that before tbh. I've just done a long protocol and we got 17 eggs, 10 of which fertilised 🤷🏼‍♀️ Got my 5 day transfer tomorrow so keeping fingers crossed for a healthy blastocyst 🤞

Hopefully with a bit more information and guidance from your clinic you will come to a decision. Can't imagine how stressful that's been for you x x

Yeah it hasn’t been great! Good luck tomorrow! I haven’t been on here quite as much but following your journey still. Sounds like great results! x

Thanks lovely & all the best x x

While the short protocol is kinder on the body, for some women it may not be so effective, therefore it might be better to go for the long one, which will yield better results (or so it is what consultants explained to us). That's a tough decision, and I am glad I had not to take it myself. Finger crossed for your treatment, whatever you decide to do xxx

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