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Failed IUI


Well it’s game over for us on our 3rd IUI attempt, period started this morning, onto round 4 I suppose, this infertility lark is utter s**t! 😞 x

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Yeah it is! I’m so sorry this journey can so heartbreaking. Sending you hugs & lots of luck for your next round xoxo

leanneski in reply to jess1981

Thank you! Xx

I’m so sorry!! My 2n IUI is ending tomorrow or OTD but it’s already ended as I tested its negative and I can feel AF!!

Sending big hugs. Take time it’s really sucks xx

leanneski in reply to amandac84

So sorry it didn’t work out for you either, it’s really rubbish! Hope your ok and looking after yourself as well. Sending love 💖 xx

Sorry to hear that lovely x

So sorry you’ve not had the good news you deserve😔. I had a failed IUI last week and I agree its completely rubbish. I hope you are ok xx

leanneski in reply to Kyell2

Sorry it hasn’t worked out for you either. I feel ok now, more angry today than anything to be honest. You look after yourself as well 💜 xx

Ah, so sorry to read this. TTC can be so tough! I'm really sorry to hear about your troubles. Glad to see you aren't giving up! Best of luck to you, two. I hope it happens on the next attempt! You can do this!

Three failed attempts? You must be quite gutted. You don't deserve this. Sending you lots of baby dust and love. I hope you get through this. Here's to hoping the next cycle brings luck and good news! Keep us posted on it.

Thank you! Appreciate all the baby dust I can get 😁. This forum has helped me massively! So amazing to get so much support xx

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