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8dpt 5dt... So much bloat!

Man I need this tww over already! I'm so bloated that I can't fit into any of my jeans or trousers, and my lower abdomen hurts when I get up after sitting too long or when I walk too far. I'm also knackered and slightly out of breath at times and suffering from cramps as well.

F.E.D up. Needed to rant. That's for reading 😊

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You sound like I was during 2ww..are you using patches?

I had to go up two jeans sizes, had aches and felt breathless sometimes walking!

Hang in there x


Thanks 😊 I'm using the pessaries, 2 a day. I feel like a bloated hippo 😁


Was it a fresh transfer? Not had it myself but could those be ohss symptoms? (Willing to be completely wrong)


Yeah it was a fresh. I was thinking about it being ohss but I'm not nauseated and don't have any issues with going to the toilet. If it is ohss I think it's pretty mild.


I'm bloated too but that's from all the rubbish food I've been eating. Thanks progynova


Aw doesn't sound fun but fingers crossed it's all worth it xo

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I was like this too! SO bloated. I was concerned the clexane was making me breathless, and then I read it was also a sign of anaemia. I mentioned it to my clinic and they were no help, just told me to go to A&E each time 😬 I mentioned it again recently and they said it sounded like OHSS, but I was a bit far away from my stimulation time for it to be that. Therefore I’m guessing it was the pessaries. Good luck!


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