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Need some Advice after a negative.

I need some advice. Here’s the thing .... Me and my husband wanted IVF due to my tubes being tied, now we went for DE the donor was 28 we got 7 eggs and 5 good ones. First time round ( fresh ) was had two transferred but it failed. My lining was 18mm. So we tried again with our frozen ones 2 months later.

I had questioned them if my lining was to thick on my first try they said no it was good at 18mm.

Now this time my lining was 20mm for my frozen embies. I tested this morning at 7 days past 5 and it’s showing negative ( official test Friday ). These Embryos was 16 cells. I’m starting to question my lining? Has I’ve been told for frozen my lining shouldn’t be that thick yet the doctor told me it was fine ?

This is what I was on

Progynon/Estrofem 2 mg by 1 pill 3 times per day

Lutinus/Utrogestan 100 mg by 2 supp

3 times per day

Update - Today Friday and Negative.

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For my cycles they've done the initial check 5 days before transfer that it was over 7 for the fresh round and 8 for fet. After that no more checks. I asked at my last scan if it could be too thick and they said no which is why they don't check it again once its over the minimum

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I have been told it's don't matter after 8mm but then I'm told over 15mm is to thick. I have been told so many things. Someone told me it shouldn't be over 12mm for a FET.


Hi Dizzie. I've always been taught that the lining should be between 10-15mm for FET and over 8mm for a fresh transfer. You will have to trust your specialist. Thinking of you. Diane

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Thank you Hun. I did talk about this but they said my lining was perfect shape and 3 layers. We will save and try again :) I'm not giving up on my dreams xx

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If you are worried, ask the consultant about a saline sonogram. I think that checks the lining at the start of your cycle to make sure everything is ok in there x


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