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It was a negative!! ☹️☹️


OTD was this morning, I honestly just don’t know how I feel to be honest, very tired and numb to it all!

We had already discussed what we would do if it didn’t work, we’re planning on having a 6 month break and then starting our 3rd cycle in August which will probably be our last!

Really pleased to see some positive news on here this morning, gives me hope to carry on.

Thank you all for your amazing support on this cycle ladies and sending you all lots of love and baby dust x x

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Oh I’m so sorry to hear this. Take care of yourself and I really hope you find the strength to carry on with your journey x

Jonesjp in reply to kirstyblue

Thank you hunny, I’m sure I will, it just all feels a bit rubbish today! Good luck with your pregnancy I hope it’s going really well for you, nearly half way, the time will fly by x x x

I'm so very sorry to hear. Bfn are so hard 😥 please look after yourself, and good idea to have a break....I did that after my last failed round and so glad I did was good to just not think about it for a few months. I'm so very sorry xx

Jonesjp in reply to Niki_B

Thanks hunny, your definitely right a break will be good. I had a 4 month break last time but I feel like I could do with a bit longer this time around, I feel like I need to get my body back in shape and just have some IVF free time and a bloody good holiday with lots of alcohol!!! Good luck with your FET, I’ll have everything crossed for you 🍀🤞😘

Niki_B in reply to Jonesjp

Yes! Exactly what I did I had a 4 month break...we are in summer here in New Zealand so I've had the whole summer off lots of beach, booze and bbqs! Exactly what I needed...sounds like exactly what you need now. Go spoil yourself you deserve it, this whole journey just sucks it right out of us doesnt it 😞 so go have a lovely holiday with your partner just what you both need im sure. Take care of eachother 💕💖 and thank you xxx

So sorry to read this I was really rooting for you. Take some time to digest it before you force yourself to move on, I definitely think we all need some time to rant and cry and feel like life is thoroughly unfair before we stick our resilient positive heads back on.

We are on an enforced three months break and frantically booking holidays and boozy nights and concerts and comedy and going to relive the life we had before all the TTC took over! Then after a month it’s the biggest fitness and diet fest you have ever seen (in our household anyway!)

Sending hugs and love xx

Jonesjp in reply to Daisy1245

Oh hunny you made me smile, I just have visions of your fitness regime! Anything that makes me smile today I’m glad for. I really am looking forward to some relaxing time out and I will be joining you on your fitness, I’ve put on about 5lb this round and I was already heavier than I like to be when we started this due to too much indulgence at Xmas. I need something to focus on so getting in shape will help, but not before I’ve raided our gin cupboard 😊 x x

Daisy1245 in reply to Jonesjp

I am with you. In two rounds I’ve put on 3/4 stone. It’s not quite the bikini body I wanted but I feel proud it’s been through such tough times and still functions. I have convinced myself my lard has a story - but that’s not to say I don’t want rid!! Enjoy your gin - you deserve it xx

So sorry to hear this, this is such a hard process with so much heart ache xxx

Jonesjp in reply to Vicky-01

Thank you hunny and really pleased to see your BFP, you have had to wait such a long time to get there you’re really deserve a happy ending, I hope it all goes really smoothly for you x x

Vicky-01 in reply to Jonesjp

Thank you. Wishing you lots of luck for your future rounds. Take care of yourselves x

So sorry to hear this. It so hard and unfair. Take good care urself and enjoy ur break as much as can xx

Thank you hunny and good luck with this cycle, not long to go now 🍀🤞😘

Oh lovely, I was hoping for some good news for you. I’m sad with you. It’s good you are giving yourself some time & that you have a plan. In the meantime be kind to yourself and look after each other. Sending you hugs Xx

Jonesjp in reply to jengi

Thank you hunny, I know you’re in the same boat as me, it’s just rubbish!! I hope your managing to get some you time and are feeling as ok as your can be, this journey is just so bloody hard sometimes. Sending you lots of love 😘

Sorry to hear sending you lots of love and pleased that you will be taking some time to yourself and recoup and revive yourself. Our bodies go through so much and do so much for us they deserve a break and rest as well.


Jonesjp in reply to greengreen

Thank you hunny and good luck with your cycle in July, that will be here before you know it 🍀🍀🍀

greengreen in reply to Jonesjp

Thank you x

Sorry to hear this, it is so tough getting a BFN.

A six month break sounds like the best thing, we have done it between all of our failed cycles and FETs as the only time we didn’t we had our worst fresh cycle. Made me realise that our bodies need the break.

Good luck with your next cycle xx

Jonesjp in reply to Suzannah1985

Thank you Hunny, I think 6 months will be right for us as I didn’t really feel like I was back to my old self until about three months after our first cycle. I’m certainly looking forward to letting my hair down a bit 🙂 x x

Suzannah1985 in reply to Jonesjp

Enjoy, and get back on the rollercoaster when you feel ready.

I’ve used this break so far to hit the gym and lose some of the IVF/cake weight. 10lbs so far and it is amazing the difference it has made to how I feel.

We may end up cycling together later in the year xx

Jonesjp in reply to Suzannah1985

I know it’s quite sad that I’m actually looking forward to doing some exercise, I normally do pole dancing (for fitness 🤣) but gad to stop during treatment due to the risk of twisting my ovaries, I’ve really missed it so I am at least looking forward to starting that again on Wednesday! It’s amazing how losing weight can make you feel so much better, well done on the 10lb hunny that’s an amazing achievement. I’ll keep an eye out for you as I’m booked in for Aug, always nice to have someone around the same point 😘 x x

Sorry to hear this - stay strong and all the best for the next round X

Jonesjp in reply to Hoping2019

Thank you hunny and good luck with your FET 🍀🤞

Hoping2019 in reply to Jonesjp

Thank you - getting close to test day arghhh! X

Oh lovely I hadn't seen this earlier.

I'm sorry please don't give up and try remain positive, although we all have our days which is ok and we are entitled the bad days too we are humans at the end of the day.

For me reading other people's successes and stories of hope is what has spurred me on to believe that my miracle will happen too. Take care xx

Jonesjp in reply to ChristineB05

Thank you hunny and so pleased to see your BFP, I hope it all goes really smoothly, we go through so much and I really hope this is your happy ever after x x x

Oh I’m so sorry to read this, this journey is unbelievably unfair. I hope the break helps xx

Jonesjp in reply to E_05

Thank you hunny, but your persistence shows it does pay off. Not long to go now and I hope the sickness has eased 😘

E_05 in reply to Jonesjp

Thank you, persistence does pay off but make sure you do things in your own time and when you feel mentally and physically ready xx

I’m so very sorry it wasn’t better news 😢 Take care of yourselves ❤️xoxo

Jonesjp in reply to jess1981

Thank you hunny, I hope your pregnancy is going well 😘 x x


So sorry to hear this. A 6 month break sounds good- we all need a break from fertility related stuff every now and then. Good luck with your next cycle when the time comes . Hope you enjoy having some time to yourselves for a bit xx

Jonesjp in reply to Hidden

Thank you hunny, I’m sat here looking for holidays so always a nice distraction to have! I hope your ok, no doubt absolutely shattered, I can’t believe your little girl is 5 weeks already, the time fly’s by!! X x x

Oh really sorry to read this. Sending you very positive thoughts for August and hope you can plan some really exciting things in the 6 month break x

Jonesjp in reply to hifer

Thank you hunny, I’m looking forward to getting a holiday booked and having some chill time x x

So sorry it hasn’t worked out this time. Thinking of you. Hope you have some fun things planned between now & August :) xxx

Thank you hunny and such good news on your BFP I’m so pleased for you x x x

Thank you so much Phillipsjp xxx

I’m so sorry it wasn’t good news. A lovely holiday sounds like a great plan xx

Jonesjp in reply to Kyell2

Thanks hunny I’m looking forward to it already and I haven’t even booked it yet 🤣! X x

So sorry about your BFN, I know how difficult it is. Your doing the right thing by taking some time out. Look after yourself xx

Jonesjp in reply to Clairenix

Thank you hunny and good luck for your FET in March I’ve got everything crossed for you 😘

So sorry to read this, glad you have next steps in place and hopefully you’ll be third time lucky xx

Jonesjp in reply to Core

Thank you hunny I really hope so x x x

Oh I’m sorry to read this, it’s great that you have a plan but be gentle with yourself for now. Sending love and baby dust xxx

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