Another negative 😞

Hi we started ivf last October after 2 years of no babies. I have pcos and struggle to ovulate. Our cycle gave us 15 eggs with 5 fertilised and at 5 day blast. I had 1 implanted but it failed. We froze the others but they were C grades. Last week I had them all defrosted and the 2 surviving Frosties implanted. Found out today they didn't work either. I'm struggling to be positive at the min πŸ˜” Any advice??

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  • So sorry to hear that, bfn's are so rubbish. Take care xx

  • Thank you xx it's so hard 😘

  • It's very hard. I'm sorry I have no advice, just to say we know, we get it, we understand how devastating ivf can be when it doesn't work as you'd hoped. You're not alone here x

  • What have you been through? Any luck?😘

  • I was just told yesterday that our baby stopped developing. I'm crushed. This was my second ivf. My first was a bfn. x

  • I'm having a missed miscarriage 😞

  • That's awful I hope your ok, can't imagine how you are feeling xxx

  • How are you feeling now? Are you ok xx

  • No. If I'm honest no. Today was my birthday. Yesterday we received our heartbreaking news. It's still very raw today. Tomorrow I'm going to hospital.. I'm just glad today is over. I'll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.. thank you for asking though x

  • Well I'm here anytime or if u want to talk I can give u my number. Take care xxx

  • That's a lovely offer. Thank you ❀️

  • Please can we stay in touch. Am so sorry to hear your news. I believe I have pcos as well, and I've had 4 rounds of IVF ICSI. The 3rd time we had 2 put back 3 day transfer and 1 implanted, only to fail around a week later. This time we used DE and ended up having 1 transfered. This morning it was a bfn :( We have 1 frosty left and I'm worried that it is pcos that is making a difference possibly as we know now it has nothing to do with egg quality as the last one was a B grade blastocyst. The question is, if they are implanting why are they still not working? I will ask the clinic next week. Can I ask if you were on any cyclogest or estrogen patches etc? x

  • I was on the progesterone pessaries and the oestrogen pills - 6 per night . I'm glad I signed up today to this forum I've been feeling so alone 😘

  • I was on progesterone pessaries - 1 morning and 1 evening. and oestrogen patches 2 - every 3 and 4 days. I'm not convinced patches did much at all. I'm going to enquire about oestrogen pills. Am so sorry you're going through this. There are a lot of us out there and you're not alone I can assure you x

  • Thank you xxx

  • Will you go again??

  • We've got one frosty left. I wanted to have both put back this time, but the doctor called me from the clinic and had a huge go at me saying "one was best, and couldn't I just be happy with one healthy happy baby etc". I just don't know what I could do differently and I'm fed up with hearing "it's sad but just one of those things... next time... think positive blah blah blah".

    We probably will go ahead with FET, I can't leave it there, but after that I think that's it. I've been trying for maybe 5 years now and this was our 4th attempt that failed. That's a lot of money and emotions. Just gutted at the moment. Pcos and Endo have a lot to answer for xx

  • Yeah I think they say that because the actually don't know! Xx I hope it works xx

  • I'm so sorry to hear your news, it's a long journey and different for us all, one day I'm sure it will be yours, get an appointment with your clinic asap and see what your plan is next xx take care xx

  • I called them this morning and I can go again with another ivf round in June or July depending on the waiting list they said. She also said my period will be awful now and to expect it to be quite uncomfortable 😬

  • I'm so sorry your going through this it's not nice. Hopefully going again with give you hope that one day it will be your day xx take care of yourself x

  • So sorry for your BFNs, I'm only just starting out first IVF after TTC for 2 years but know how upsetting every single failed month is so can only imagine the devastation of a BFN.

    Am sure you'll find lots of support here, so many lovely like minded people who will have similar experiences. Xx

  • It is soo hard having repeated bfn's. I've had 4 transfers (3 free cycles) and all bfn's. However you do have good reason to be positive for future cycles. You got some good embryos, and there is a good chance your next cycle will work. Sometimes no reason it doesn't work and it just needs more than one cycle to get that right egg. Best wishes for your next cycle xx

  • Yes I hope so, I think it's the not having an answer that I struggle with xx

  • Sorry to hear that! BFN's are so hard to take! I dont have any advice, just wanted to say Im thinkin about you and sending you a big hug!x

  • Thank you xxx

  • Oh sorry for your bfn, I had the same. So, I can imagine your feelings at that moment.

    don't worry dear, all for the best, and positive vibes for you

  • What did you do? Did u carry on and do it again?

  • yes, we will try again. my clinic were able to freeze 6 embies. I suppose it will work for us this time

  • Let's hope so 😘😘

  • thanks dear, btw, how are you? what's your next step?

  • I'm feeling a lot better now, I just don't want to let everyone down. My husband is desperate for a child. I called the hospital today and we can start ivf again. We have a telephone consent on June 5 th x

  • wow, that's great. Will you start with fresh ones?

  • Yeah we'll go again from the beginning now and hope we get some good eggs xxx

  • wish you luck with it. Hopefully I have my frosties and that gives me a faith to move on. :)

  • Hi Gem, so sorry for your BFN it really does suck!!

    Have they told you what quality your blasts were?

    The first round of IVF gives the clinic so much info so hopefully they will tweak your next cycle and get you some lovely embryos.

    Its hard to feel positive right now but you will pick yourself uo and be ready to go again next time.


  • Thanks, I hope so. The first one put in was a 5ab and the 2 we used last week were 3cb and 6 cb. They told us at the time they were low but might work because the one was hatching xxx

  • You have eggs to work with, fingers crossed for next time xx

  • Just sending you love and positive vibes for the future.xx

  • Are there any support groups or people willing / wanting to meet up. I live in Rowley Regis

  • Have messaged you Gem x

  • So sorry to hear that!! It's a hard journey 😒Sending hugs x

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