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Advice pls


Wanting to take a break from treatment booked a holiday and advised hospital of reasons been through a lot in 10 months 3 rounds of ivf and a miscarriage now been told that nhs can pull my funding and this is my final round has anyone else experienced this I don’t want to loose my chance but I really need this break my mind and body are emotionally drained pls help x

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Oh Im not quite sure how they can just pull the plug on funding. Did the hospital give any clues as to why? I think a holiday would do you the world of good to be honest, you deserve a break!xx

I know she said it may not happen but has to make me aware but just don’t know wether to go on holiday now I’ve booked it x

Can you not just say you're unavailable until the date that you return from holiday? That's pretty harsh and really unfair if you ask me. I dont know the ins and outs so cant tell you what to do but maybe go back on the phone to them and ask for some clarity as its making you apprehensive about not going away?!xx

Hi there, this is a bit of a strange one. I'm not sure why this would be to be honest. Unless you going away / taking a break means that you have a birthday and then stray into a different age bracket and therefore a different funding issue? Normally clinics are happy for you to manage your stress levels in whatever way you see fit. Did they not say why that might be? You haven't already started treatment again? I think you definitely deserve a reason why so I'd probably go back and ask them why that would be. Wishing you all the best. x

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