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Viability scan (sensitive)


I normally come on here but I haven't been due to severe anxiety waiting on my scan. And here's me thinking the tww was bad that was worse. But today I had my viability scan at 8 weeks and my little peanut is measuring 8+3 weeks and measuring 19mm. It was magical and I seen thir little heart beating just like it should. Now I have to try pick myself up and stop worrying as that's the worst part. Or maybe the fact I have hyperemesis and been to hospital on iv drips 3 times this week alone...the Joy's but it will be 10000% worth it in the end. I never thought this day would come but it has and i wish everyone on their journey the best of luck and lots of baby dust!!!

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🙏🙏fantastic news.... massive congratulations xx

Oh it is so much worse that wait. Well done and congratulations xx

Brilliant new!! Hope you continue to have a happy and healthy pregnancy xx

Congratulations lovely news xx

Congrats that's great news xx

Just wonderful a big congrats to you! 😁😁😘😘💕

Fantastic news! Congratulations! xx

Wonderful news! Congratulations.xx

Congrats! X

Oh bless your heart you must be poorly to need IV fluid x 3. Iove your attitude. Congratulations 3🤩

Best wishes

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