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SENSITIVE. viability scan


I went for my scan yesterday afternoon and we have a heartbeat! The clinic say I'm 7 weeks but the hospital say I'm 6 weeks and 2 days (I'm measuring 6weeks 1 day). Elated doesn't quite cover it given last weeks devastation of no heartbeat. I've Another scan next Fri with the hospital and another scan with the clinic the following weds. Soooo relieved xxx

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You must be so relieved, congratulations that's such wonderful news 🥰 xx

Im so pleased to see your little pic and update! Been thinking about you

Yey wonderful news 💕💕xx

Amazing!!!! Xx

Aww lovely news , big congrats ❤ xx

Aww I'm so happy for you!!! Xxxx

So pleased to see this, that must have been a hell of a tough wait!! Congratulations xxx

Woohooooo yes Jessy! So happy for you. Baby is coming along strong...x

SO happy for you. Amazing news xx

Such a relief! Congratulations lovely xx


Great news Jessy ♥️

Lovely news! Congratulations 🥳 hopefully you can try & relax a bit for now 💖xx

Amazing news, I’m so pleased for you 😊 xx

Congratulations seeing the heartbeat must have been amazing xx

So pleased for you, you must be over the moon xxx

Congratulations ❤️

Omg I was holding my breath for you. Thank God. May your little bean keep developing healthy. Xxx

Brilliant news 😃 xxxx congratulations 🥳

Congratulations. It must be quite a relief. Hoping you have a smooth pregnancy so the way through

Massive Congratulations xxx

So happy for you Jess! Try and relax now lovely xxx

So pleased for you!!! Congratulations ☺️

Fab news! So pleased to hear all is well xxx

Congratulations xxxx

Thank you all. I'm majorly relieved. Just can't wait for the next scan now! X

Hi Jessy1280,

So pleased for you been thinking of you.🤗



Wonderful news xx

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