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Really worried

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Hi everyone. So I’m five weeks pregnant tomorrow. Since about 1pm today I’ve had this pain in my groin on the right hand side. It like a mega ache then it travels into my right leg. I’m worried like mega worried. I’ve taken two paracetamol and have had a small hot water bottle placed in my groin but no change. Am I over reacting or is something going wrong? What do you advise? Could it be sciatica oh I’ve tried ringing my clinic but they are shut. I’ve had no bleeding also

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Hi, I don't know what it is but when I googled it (just now) it seems to be really common. Hope the heat and painkillers start to help soon, try and keep calm - hope you get some answers from the clinic tomorrow. Good luck for you xx

Try ringing 101 - they should be able to advise if your clinic is closed x

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Hi Camillage I have. I’m waiting for them to contact me. Xx

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Ok that's good. Hope you get an answer soon xx

Hi ladies. I’ve got an appointment at 10:30 tonight. I’m hoping it’s nothing but due to being at high risk I’m really worried. Xx

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Keep us posted and good luck xx

Hi kelz

It's classic sciatica symptoms I believe

Try rubbing the lower back area esp coccyx

And do stretches in your legs - Google it

A natural relief is magensium oil you can rub into skin and back pain as it's a nerve and muscle relaxant. Perfectly safe for pregnancy and works really fast. Great for nerve cramps and restless legs in pregnancy too x

Hi Saya I did think it was sciatica. I’ve cancelled my appointment so I can ring my clinic in the morning. I googled it and it says sciatica doesn’t start till the second trimester. My brain is just doing over time. Google says that walking is good. Well I’m back at work tomorrow and I’m a post woman. So if there is still symptoms I think my clinic will know what’s best to do. Thank you all I really appreciate your concerns and helpful suggestions xx

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Did you manage to get through to clinic?

Definitely worth keeping all options in mind and getting some advice regardless. But try some treatment options in meantime as if it is sciatica and you are on your feet all day at work it can get worse very quickly.

Of course hope it's nothing more serious than that but as hope0ofyou says below it is worth asking clinic regarding ectopic

Hope you get your answers x


please get in touch with your Early Pregnancy Unit. For me, a pain like this was a symptom of an ectopic... but it may be something else, just keep under observation.

Good luck xxx

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