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8dp5dt feeling low


So Ive tested yesterday and today, expecting a faint positive as I had an Ovidrel shot on the day of transfer. But the tests are getting lighter, so I think by tomorrow I should get a bfn as I always test negative by the 9th day. I know there are stories of later bfps but I think they are pretty rare, most people get a bfp by now. I just dont want to get off the lounge today 🙁

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Aw don't give up hope lovely, it's still really early! x

in reply to Kitcat12

Youre right, I suppose anything can happen in the next few days xxx

So sorry to hear you're feeling low today Bexta, it's such a hard and emotional process isn't it!

Please don't give up hope though lovely, it ain't over yet.

And there's nothing wrong with having a quiet day on the sofa. We have to be gentle with ourselves through all of this.

Sending massive luck, hope ans prayers to you xxx

in reply to Pookymama

Thanks so much, i shall put my big girl pants on tomorrow, i just needed a negative day xxx

Ovitrelle is only supposed to last 10 days. Sending you lots of luck for otd xx

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Thanks xxx I've tested mine out a few times, and its usually out by 8 or 9 days, except the time I actually was pregnant and it just got darker. Today was 9 so im fully expecting a negative tomorrow

Don’t give up yet - it’s still early days x

It's not over yet, it's still early. Fingers crossed you do get that BFP 🤞 xx

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