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IVF and risk of preterm

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Hi everyone,

I've been reading lately about how IVF can increase the risk of preterm pregnancies.

I know I shouldn't be reading about this and any extra concerns are really not needed specially when I should be in bed sleeping, but was wondering if you've heard that from your doctors and midwives too?

I am currently 12 weeks pregnant after our first round of IVF but the midwife insisted IVF is not considered a risk and that I don't need to be overlooked by a consultant.

Many thanks

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I was under a consultant until 36 weeks but only because I’m also over 35 and it’s my first baby so I hit three risk factors.

My consultant was more concerned about the risk of going overdue but this is mainly due to the fact that I’m 40. Both the registrars and the main consultant I saw said they didn’t see ivf on its own as a big risk factor. If you have a copy of the green national maternity notes booklet it has copies of the risk factors lists in there- you usually have to hit three minor risk factors to go under consultant led care and ivf is a minor one.

Lots of the research on ivf pregnancies is slightly skewed by the increased number of multiple pregnancies associated with ivf and I think rcog have taken this into account when laying down the guidelines your midwife is following.

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Different areas of the country seem to have different views on this. In my area you are classed as high risk with an IVF pregnancy which means a couple of extra doctor spots, a couple of extra growth scans and they induce you at term rather than allowing you to go over. Other areas of the country treat you as a normal pregnancy. It’s crazy how it’s all different! In my area I don’t think it’s a risk of preterm pregnancy that causes it though, more that they don’t think the placenta is as effective after 40 weeks. I would try not to worry about it too much, but it couldn’t harm to speak to your midwife to ask her why different areas of the country view it differently.

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